How to play the SAMP: installation and configuration

Fans super popular video game series GTA mostly agree that the "San Andreas" - is the most successful to date part.It implements all the advantages of previous episodes, added a number of new features and fixes previous flaws.But the most important thing is to always speak in the first place - is a multiplayer mode.Earlier games in the series "GTA" was only a single mode, but even with him one of these projects managed to stay a long time on top of the rankings and charts.What is already talking about that sensation, which made access SAMP - multiplayer for "San Andreas."However, it is worth noting that it is a little different from the multiplayer modes that are available for most games.Most often they are built in, so you have to choose the game, want to play in single player mode or multiplayer.But in this project, this is not, so many gamers are wondering: "How to play the SAMP?"In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Download games

First of all you should understand that you have to have two different copies of the "San Andreas" on your computer.One will be used for a single game, and the other - for multiplayer.From this we should always start when it comes to how to play the SAMP.Naturally, you can play in both modes and one copy, but it would be extremely inconvenient.Therefore it is better to install two separate options to you in the future no problems.But here you are installing two versions of the usual "GTA".How to play the SAMP through them?

Setting SAMP

As mentioned earlier, the multiplayer mode "GTA: San Andreas" is different from the regimes that represented the majority of computer games.Here, in order to understand how to play SAMP, you'll need to download a separate program, which is responsible for the multiplayer.This client SAMP, which you can easily find on the official website of the game or on the server that is going to play.Install it must be directly to the folder where you have placed the game itself, designed for multiplayer.It is advisable to check before downloading the client what his version.The fact that some servers do not support the old client version SAMP, and some, on the contrary, do not want to run on the new, since they were designed for a long time.Therefore, pay attention to the fact that the swing.And then to solve the problem of how to play GTA: SAMP, will be much easier.

running game

So you have to install a separate version of the game for multiplayer, a folder with its added multi-client itself.What next?How do I start to play SAMP?Here, you should immediately understand that it is necessary not to run the game itself, and the client multiplera, so take the exe.file which is responsible for running multiplayer game and include exclusively through it.For convenience, you can create a shortcut on the desktop, so that every time not to open several levels of folders.Well, you do not accidentally open the game itself instead of the multi-user client.You run the desired file SAMP, but now in front of you is quite another question: "How to play the SAMP network?"It opens in front of you is not the game itself, and a mysterious box.

Activation SAMP

Those gamers who have already played in multiplayer games or multiplayer other projects are likely to sort out with the window pretty quickly.However, it should still explain that here you have to do almost anything, except the tab Servers.Opening it, you will be able to add to the list any server that you are interested in.Of course, you must first carry out a study of available servers on the network, and when you find one that you are most attracted to, you must copy the IP-address and port, which can then be inserted into the appropriate field open window SAMP.Therefore, you add the server to your client and be able at any time to connect to it by double-clicking.

Register in the game

It would seem that can be difficult to register, which you are required when you run?And many gamers at this point get into trouble.And the thing is that there are different types of servers, one of the most popular of which is the RP.This means that the server is winning back the role, that is actually a simulation of real life in the world of "GTA: San Andreas".Here, gamers get a job, have their own home, start dating and communication - in general, there are freely given by the city rules.And here is the most severe conditions of entry as a nick name and surname of the character (you do not need to write the real data, do not worry).In addition, in such a huge number of servers set strict rules to control the process, so you have to study them carefully to understand how to play SAMP RP.And if you do, you will find that at the stage of registration, you will need to enter the name.In addition, you are prompted for a password if the server is closed - such servers accept only personal appeal to the administration.But do not worry - they are a minority, the majority of the resources open.

connection to the server

That's it, now you know how to install a multi-user version of "San Andreas" as it is run, and how to add a server to come to them.In front of you a huge number of unforgettable experiences.So you only have to select the server that you want to join him and to start exciting gameplay.