Typical suffragette.

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Today it seems strange that only recently the ratio of women as second class was quite acceptable in a civilized society.For centuries women have suffered from the need to unconditionally obey men who did not take into account the needs of women.Therefore, it is understandable that such circumstances cause resentment, and at one point the lady refused to put up with this state of affairs, and rose up to fight.

Limbo movement

second half of the last century in England was marked by the emergence of a new movement - sufrazhizma.The term comes from the English «suffrage», which translated means "the right to vote."This is exactly what we fought for women to join the new movement.Suffragettes - a woman who sought to obtain rights similar to male.As is usually the case, some participants watched the movement in different directions, which led to his split and fight opposing parties.

suffrage movement was divided into two areas.The right-wing forces, which included representatives of the two newly formed parties, insisted on peaceful methods of revolution.They were engaged in the creation of brochures, organizing demonstrations, creating petitions.The center-left forces have decided to work entirely different methods, which were directed against the current government.

Start demonstrations

meaning of the word "suffragette" implies adherence to the ideals of the movement, but not all participants were limited to social position.Very often, these demonstrations were the loud cries of democratic slogans and with constant scandals.During his suffragette protest involved as a baiting enemies and outright lawlessness.They broke windows of houses, glued provocative posters and staged noisy parades.


one of the founders sufrazhizma is widely regarded as Emmeline Pankhurst.She was an educated woman, who was educated in Paris and decided to put his entire life to the struggle for women's equality.She believed that all problems in the world, only exist because the power is completely in the hands of men, however, thought so almost every suffragette.This vision of the situation of men in society is significantly affected on both the Emmeline and her daughter Cristobal, which was in full agreement with the mother.

Flora Drummond - another famous suffragette.It was quite a colorful lady who during performances wore a white uniform with gold epaulets and uniform cap.To participate in such actions it provoked hatred of the injustice against women.

aggressive fight

sufrazhizma movement continues to gain popularity and become more numerous.The country continued to shake on rallies, marches and demonstrations.Particularly active participants found themselves in jail, where staged a hunger strike to attract the maximum attention.


Work movement did not remain unnoticed.Already in 1907, a special committee aimed at protecting women's suffrage, for which fought each suffragette.Synonym activist of this movement, which today are often, - "feminist."And those and others sought to settle the rights of men and women in government institutions, and one movement became a logical continuation of the other.

Sufrazhizmu managed to achieve some success, partial suffrage for women already appeared in 1918, and the total - in 1928. But until now, many people know that the suffragette - a woman who fought for equality.