How to decide what is best for the paint the ceiling?

Repair always brings a lot of hassle.Take, for example, the stage of selection of the necessary materials.The modern market offers a number of various products that simply dazzled!Among all this variety not to get lost?How to choose something that really meets all your requirements?Do not panic!Answers to all questions can be found.And today we will tell you what the best paint for the ceiling.


first deal with the necessary parameters.Paints can be glossy, semi-gloss and matte.As the name implies, the latter help create a surface without gloss.This is the option for a ceiling painting above all.But some paint to paint the ceiling is not recommended because it is glossy.Otherwise it will be seen from a distance the slightest irregularities, which will be issued once all the flaws of the previous finishing.The average option - semi-gloss paint - also, as you know, will produce some defects.

Which paint is best for the ceiling - washable or not?It's up to you.One can only say that for kitchen preferred first embodiment, since all the indoor surface contaminated much faster than the other.Well, why would you paint the ceiling of every month!At the same time bedroom, for example, can be selected and a paint that does not tolerate moisture - are unlikely to frequent cleaning is required.



This type of paint product is characterized by its security for the inhabitants of health facilities in which it is used, and the lack of pungent odor.In addition, this paint is completely non-toxic.With its application problem usually arises.But one feature of it can be attributed to both the pluses and minuses to - it is easily washed off with plain water and soap.So, if you think about what kind of paint is best to paint the ceiling in the bathroom, then this option does not suit you exactly.


before using such paints require preliminary work on drawing on the surface of the primer.But antiseptic is needed.The fact is that the silicate paint to prevent the growth of microorganisms.Another feature: this kind of coverage can only be used for surface finishing Mineral.And cracks silicate paint left on the mind.Not the best option.However, if you do decide to use it, in the future to think about what is best to paint the ceiling, you do not have - to repaint the surface of the paint product of a different type you are unlikely to succeed.


This option is the most popular.Without a sharp odor, moisture resistant, perfectly retains its color, perfectly hiding small cracks - what is best for the ceiling paint could still be?The range of such products prohibitively large.What to look for?If you decide that your ceiling is not traditionally white, keep in mind that acrylic paint becomes a little darker after finally dry.


Of all emulsion paints its price stands out is this.On the basic characteristics, it is much superior to the previous version, but it has light resistance is somewhat lower.By using this paint should be noted that the surface beneath it breathes, but with increasing coating thickness, this ability is remarkably deteriorated.


Excellent choice in all respects except one - the price for such products is huge.That is why this paint is used very rarely.


Which paint is best for the ceiling?Our choice - acrylic.But you may very well be your opinion on this matter.