How to cook rice for sushi?

Sushi is not so long ago appeared on the tables of Europeans, but it managed to conquer the hearts of millions of people with its taste and oriental atmosphere.

Not everyone can afford to attend the expensive sushi bars and Japanese restaurants, so desperate enthusiasts often hesitant to prepare sushi at home on their own.But in front of them once it becomes a problem of how to cook rice for sushi, without damaging it and not overdone?The matter is not as simple as it seems.Cooking rice will need to be long and some eastern tricks.Only then it will cling well and does not turn into a homogeneous porridge.

Today, the Internet can find a lot of different advice from experts about the secrets of Japanese cuisine, they can go, but we should not lose sight of the fact that all the recipes have their own characteristics.Therefore, we offer you an original and at the same time its traditional version of how to cook rice for sushi.

Let's start with the selection of appropriate rice.Need special, at which point the "Rice for sushi."If this could not be found, you have to choose from the usual cereals.It is worth paying attention to the fact that the grains were small and round, so they are ideal for the preparation of sushi and rolls.Special rice will help to keep your dish shape due to strong adhesiveness grains.Now let's try to figure out how to make sushi rice.

next stage - the preparation of cereals in the process of cooking.It should be rinsed with cold water and then left for an hour in the screen drain.Knowing how to cook rice for sushi, we will take a small amount of pot.Water should be one and a half times higher than cereals.An unusual smell and taste of the rice gives the Japanese kombu seaweed.It is usually sold in supermarkets in the department for the land.Externally, it is small in size and is used not only when you need to cook rice for sushi.It is used for the manufacture of soups and broths.

We return to the question of how to properly cook rice for sushi.Porridge is necessary to prepare a total of 30 minutes.Once put kombu, cover is better not to make, cook rice over medium heat until the water boils away.

While the rice is cooked, for its filling is necessary to prepare a special mixture.Two teaspoons of salt, seven spoons of sugar and vinegar have to mix the ingredients until dissolved.There are people who do not like the smell and taste of vinegar, in such cases, we recommend to replace his usual lemon juice, you get no less tasty and nutritious.Also to your liking, you can make a spicy rice, or vice versa.Here the choice is entirely up to you.

Traditionally Japanese put cooked sushi rice in a wooden bowl special, if you do not, the suit and the usual roomy bowl.Put in a bowl of cooked rice, then evenly spreads on the surface of the cooked dressing of vinegar, salt and sugar.It remains only to mix everything and wait until it is saturated with the aroma and slightly cooled.

That's all.Operation "How to cook rice for sushi" is successful!