Nudist beach - a place to relax nude

nude beach is now no longer a curiosity, people are happy to sunbathe on them nude.In Crimea, tourists often find a deserted place, and there is no extra rest looks naked.But when the Russians want to soak up the nude beach in Moscow, they choose a specially arranged area.After all, just on the bank of a river or lake not everyone will be able to lie on the warm sand under the sun without clothes and without constraint.

most popular nude beach

Moscow in the Russian capital are very few places where a naked man could safely enjoy the sun.One of the most beloved and well-known of these zones is the nude beach Serebryany Bor.Every weekend is full of people, fans of "naked" Vacation meet with old friends and meet new.

Naturalists cherish this beach, as it is officially allowed, and most importantly - safe.Vacationers feel in this area is very comfortable.For the convenience of fans nude nude beach is surrounded by a concrete wall.Such measures allow caution to avoid unauthorized access to the paid area.Entry is open to nudists every day, making the beach more popular with holidaymakers.Serebryany Bor is located on its own island, the distance to it from the capital is quite large.Thanks to this arrangement, nude beach creates the most comfortable conditions for the fans of "naked" rest.Also, this area is well loved by the people even for several reasons.Firstly, the complex there is a medical center.Secondly, the presence of multiple toilets.Third, a large selection of cafes.

nude beach of Crimea

place where people could sunbathe naked, would like to know a lot of tourists.In Crimea, the nude beach is quite a large number.Alienation zone on the peninsula for more than twenty, and it is only known.

most popular nude beach of Crimea are in Alushta and Sudak, New World and Koktebel Kerch on the coast and in Gurzuf.The peninsula is for fans of "naked" rest have a huge selection of wild and deserted places.

Names nude beach in Crimea is widely known to tourists.For example, it is Turtle Beach, Kazantip, the town of Ordzhonikidze, and many others.Wild recreation area attracts people for its natural beauty, unfathomable depths, and the freedom of the body.Nudist beach - a place where there are no facilities and inquire.Also, a person gets a smooth and beautiful tan.Fans take pictures of naked bodies, and just spectators, with the purpose of visiting the beaches to gawk at rest in the nude.

village Koktebel and cape Kazantip

Every year naturalists find new places for nudists.Of course, there have long chosen area.In the village of Koktebel, near the hill Junge, located nude beach, it differs in that it borders with the traditional.Between these areas is just a small trickle of vacationers well see each other, there are no barriers.

nudist beach in Koktebel still famous for its holiday "Day of Neptune."Theatrical performance takes place in August every season.

Cape Kazantip, which is located near the area Shelkino is the first nude beach on the island of Crimea.A place to relax naturalists is near the base "Lavender".

Simeiz, Fox Bay and Ordzhonikidze

In Crimea there are nudist beaches, where tourists sunbathe homosexual.Simeiz is such a place, men are grouped and freely rest.Most women who do not want special attention of the opposite sex, come here to sunbathe.

Fox Bay refers to the official naturalist beaches Crimea.For travelers to the bay bring essential goods and supplies.

located in the village of Ordzhonikidze three nudist beach: only one Sun with naked on horseback, the other two - completely.