What is a browser?

modern world it is difficult to imagine without digital electronics, scientific achievements and space travel, incredible discoveries and bold, original solutions everyday tasks.And, of course, difficult to imagine the present without computer technology and the Internet, when available in the "World Wide Web" is in almost every home, and children, from the very young age, well versed in the fundamentals of computer technology, know what browserwhy it is needed.

purchasing a computer, almost every user thinks about connecting the new technology to the Internet, discusses the technical parameters, a dedicated line, the monthly fee, providers, modems, routers (router), and rarely thought of such an important program as a browser.What is it and what is required of such software, many are thinking after connecting to the network, when the moment comes first connect to the Internet using a new computer.

Speaking briefly, what the browser can be said - is a program that allows you to display pages on the Internet on a computer screen, send and receive data from the "World Wide Web."

first browsers appeared right from the inception of the Internet, which can be explained quite simply - this needed a software that would allow you to view the contents of the remote server to manage data transfer.The pioneer in this field was a program of open source Mosaic, which was first demonstrated in practice that such a browser, and served as the basis for such well-known modern powerful systems such as Internet Explorer and Navigator Netscape.

browsers today come in all configurations of operating systems, starting with the most minimal complexes, each manufacturer of systems for computers made their choice in favor of one or another browser.The most popular browsers - Internet Explorer - is included in all versions of Windows, from 1995 It is with this program, a new user will know what browser, what are the main features and functions.For Linux, a basic browser - Google Chrome, for Mac OS - Safari.

choosing for themselves a certain model of the browser, it is worth remembering that all of the current program of this scope required to perform a basic set of functions: display pages of a site, page management, recording the history of view, the ability to save passwords and automatically log you on certain resources that require this procedure.In many respects, browsers differ in their appearance, and an additional set of options and extensions, so each user chooses for themselves, which model it will be most comfortable to work on the Internet.Today in Russia the most popular Opera, followed by Chrome, FireFox and Internet Explorer.If we consider global trends, there remains the undisputed leader of the brainchild of Microsoft, which enjoys enormous popularity in his homeland - the United States, as well as in European countries and in Latin America.

Finally, pay attention to this interesting question is what the browser is and where he is.If the first part of the question is clear enough, the location of the browser on your computer for many first-time users - a mystery.In fact, everything here is quite simple.Browser - it is a program, as well as office systems, games, application software, and because its storage is done in the appropriate folder on your PC.At the same time, access to the browser menu originally manufactured through the operating system using the corresponding icon.In the future, you can place a shortcut on the desktop and the taskbar that at any time could access the internet.