How to tie a tie to the wedding?

the groom is not such a large selection of dresses for the wedding as the bride.Originally knotted tie can be a highlight in the costume of a future husband and breadwinner.

How to tie a tie for the wedding the groom

Tying a tie - a real art, they are encouraged to learn and gentlemen and ladies.

What are the ways to help men not only the right to fasten the necessary attribute of a wedding, but also to find the right tie for a wedding?

simple knot "4 in his hand»

This asymmetric unit, he has an irregular triangular shape is more like a cone.The wide end of the tie to the right superimposed on the narrow, round the back, then the front - and remains the only thread the it through the loop, pull the thick end down, then to the left and lift the beam over the loop.

Double knot "Prince Albert»

This method is relevant for simple long neckties.The name derives from the double tying.

In fact, this is the same usual way of tying "four in hand", but with an additional turnover of around a narrow part of the tie.Host becomes more voluminous, it is appropriate at a high collar.If you tie a tie for a wedding with this method, you can achieve a spectacular appearance.It looks a very elegant way.


node is also called the "red", "small unit" or "Oriental".Suitable for heavy duty ties.Knotted easier assembly.The narrow end of the product is placed on top of a wide, then a wide - around the narrow and fits the left.Through the neck loop is held behind the wide end node, then it is again holding the top down through the loop.It seems that this really is the easiest method.However perfectly the first time to tie a tie is unlikely.Work necessary since node "4 in his hand."

Windsor knot

Such a tie for the groom for shirts with wide collar in the official style.

This volume assembly.To achieve the required size can be, changing ties with different widths or varying the ends of the usual tie to the place of assembly.

Node "Poluvindzor»

suitable for any tie of silk or light heavyweight fabric, the collar should be a wide spread angles may attached to his shirt buttons.This so-called "open" collar.The principle of setting similar to the "Windsor", but the node receives less volume and with a dimple underneath, which gives the spice around the image.

Node "Pratt" or "Shelby»

unit has a double name, as is still being debated, who belongs to the idea of ​​its creation - or the American Jerry Pratt, or Europeans Don Shelby.The method of setting is similar to the "Windsor" and also requires space for its volume, which is achieved due to the very tie with the filler.

Node "Hannover»

This symmetrical knot.The shape - a triangle.Ideal for the most wide-collar workers.In size it is more "Windsor" knot.Two nuance when tying: tie superimposed seam outside and the wide end is longer than the narrow.The principle of setting - in a double overlaying, and thereby achieve the desired volume.

Node "Onassis»

Starting position - a simple knot.Then you need to take the wide end of the tie to the right and throw it through the entire assembly.Pull is not necessary.Let it hang freely.

Thus, the node itself, as it were hidden from prying eyes.Overcame unusual.The method is named after Aristotle Onassis, the millionaire owner of ships and steamships, the person who had the style and know how to properly wear a tie male.At the wedding necktie tied in such a way will be a great addition to the overall image.

Node "New Classics»

At the heart of it is also an easy way to knot a tie.The difference is the finishing touch.Before you fill the wide side of the tie in a knot, it is necessary to wrap the edges of the sides of the two sides, then to fill it as a simple node.A rather unusual.Before you tie a tie to the wedding in a way, is to pick up a shirt of silk.

Node "Freestyle»

If you own a simple knot and "Windsor" does not cost anything to tie and "Freestyle".Host very elegant, easy technique.Impeccably looks on silk ties with the filler.

Node "Balthus»

This is the largest unit of all available.

In order to decide how to tie a tie for a wedding this method, note the length of the product.The principle of setting a complicated and novice with him cope.

Node "Christensen" ("Square", "Italian»)

Initially, in the 19th century, the node "Christensen" was intended to tie equally wide throughout.He came up with his tie manufacturer in Europe Amanda Christensen.Today, this assembly is relevant to all long neckties.Ideally, it should be wool or cashmere necktie on a shirt with a high collar.Knowing how to perform node "Windsor", it is possible to master and this way, make another two turns at the front.

Nuances in the choice of a tie for the groom

Before how to tie a tie to the wedding, it is necessary to take into account all the details of the suit, as well as the figure of the groom:

  1. man of medium height, high, average body, you can use any tie.A tall, lean - or a large pattern, high large man - a tie with a large pattern, and low in the body of a man should wear a tie with a vertical stripe pattern or a fine.
  2. tie should match the color of the suit:-colored ties are suitable for costume with ornaments and geometry, light and bright - a dark suit.Dark worn only with a light shirt and dark suit contrast, if the groom's suit is traditionally light, the tie is chosen to match.It must be different tone either lighter or darker.
  3. tie must match the bride's accessories.
  4. length to tie a tie should be a little above the strap on his pants, or the end of the tie should cover half of the buckle.
  5. tie should look harmonious with a handkerchief in the pocket or a groom's boutonniere.
  6. material for wedding tie may be different, the main principle - the nobility.It is better to choose a silk or jacquard.

Whichever tie choose the groom, as if he had neither been tied, it is important that the entire suit looked harmoniously.


Before how to tie a tie for a wedding, is to determine the overall style and fashion.In turn, plays an important role and shirt, as if the air is thin and short collar, tie something heavy is not exactly fit.And, of course, it is important to keep in mind the style of dress of the bride.