Instructions how to add sound on a laptop

Currently your personal laptop is present in almost every modern man, and this is not surprising, since it is laptops have a number of advantages with respect to the old personal computer.Perhaps the most important advantage of a laptop is its portability, and the ability to operate without the need for AC power.Of course, in addition to the many advantages there are laptops and disadvantages that once not so easy to identify.Sometimes, when you first start listening to any audio file, then you know that the sound is too weak.In this case, before you immediately raises the question of how to add sound on a laptop.If you carefully react to this article, you'll learn a few ways of working, with which can solve your problem.Your task will be only to choose for themselves the best option to address this issue, after which you will be able to enjoy a full sound that will be much louder.

Increase sound on a laptop: the decision

first option is the easiest.To increase the sound you just need to connect additional speakers, or an entire audio system, there has to be all depend on your capacities and needs.Connect the speakers to your laptop is not absolutely no difficulty, and for that you only need to connect the power cord into the connector, as this is done on a personal computer.In this connector you can connect not only speakers but also headphones.Of course, in some situations it would be quite uncomfortable to wear, and connect stereo (especially if you go to some trip).If you still want to learn how to add sound to a laptop using other methods, then we recommend that you continue to read this article.

System capabilities

So, let's try to independently raise the volume on his laptop.To start, you need to go to the "Control Panel", and then - in the section "Sounds and Audio Devices."In this section you will find many options for sound.First of all, look at the volume indicator, you may have previously lowered the volume, in which case it will need to install at the top.Also do not forget that exercise, you can adjust the volume and using the "console".Settings you can make directly from the panel, the icon in the form of dynamics is at the bottom right of the monitor.If everything is set correctly, and you could not solve the problem of how to add sound on a laptop, then let's look at the next option.

Stay tuned

When you turn the playback of any file, and the sound is very low, then it is necessary to see which version of the drivers you have installed on your sound card.Perhaps your drivers are out of date and, accordingly, a new program to play simply can not reproduce the sound as it is necessary.In order to solve this problem, we recommend that you visit the official website of the manufacturer of your device and there to find the appropriate driver.After installation, you may need to restart your notebook.After performing this operation, the question of how to add sound on a laptop, you probably will be resolved.


To date, there are also special programs that give an opportunity to enhance the sound of your device.Such a program (sound amplification on a laptop) can be offered in both paid and free version.