"Polar Bear" - a beer with good character

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«Polar Bear" - beer, which will never be confused with any other.It simply draws its crystal clarity, excellent taste and excellent quality.

new brand

Company "Efes" operates in Russia since 1997.During this time it has launched several new brands that are clearly liking the domestic consumer.One of them - "Polar Bear".Beer with this name first appeared on store shelves in 2001.It produced did it in Ufa, at the "Amstar", owned by the company.The debut of the beverage has been extremely successful.The face of the new brand was the Polar Bear, which is the best suited for the characterization of the properties of a new product.In nature, white teddy bear - it is severe and at the same time a gentle animal.The same can be said about the new product.For a start it is worth noting that the "Polar Bear" - beer, which is produced by special technology in the tradition of the art of brewing.Drink quickly found a buyer, and to this day enjoys, usually in high demand among the population.An important role in this is the price.A small price for a bottle of beer making is accessible and popular.

types and characteristics of the beverage

the commercial network receives several varieties known product: "Polar Bear Light" (alcohol is not less than 4.8 per cent), "Polar Bear strong" (alcohol is not less than 7.1 percent), "Polar Bear Non-alcoholic "(alcohol is not more than 1 per cent)," Polar Bear unfiltered "(alcohol is not less than 4.5 per cent)," Polar Bear Bashkir "(alcohol is not less than 4.9 percent).These are just the basic varieties.The variety in this list adds the method of packaging the product."Polar Bear" - beer, which is packaged in the following packaging:

  • glass bottle of 0.5 liter,
  • PET bottle of 1.5 liters,
  • PET bottle of 2.0 liter,
  • Bank aluminum 05 liters,
  • kegs for the sale of goods by the glass for 30 and 50 liters.

Quite a variety to satisfy the desire of almost any customer.Appearance package (label design and shape of the container) thoroughly thought through.Experts of the company have done everything to ensure that it was not only comfortable, but also look the most attractive.

Whose product

In Russia quite often you can find the beer "Polar Bear".Manufacturer of this popular drink - a global company Efes Breweries International.Representative of the company are available in many countries.The first brand Efes learned in Turkey.Then it was built breweries in Adana, Ankara, Bilidzhike.Gradually, mastering new regions, beer "Efes" started its triumphal march to the nineties of the last century, it acquired the status of a world brand.On the territory of the former Soviet Union are now well-known company has representation in Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine.Large holdings acquired full rights to release these countries such famous names as the "Old Miller", "Zhiguli", "The East is Red", "falcon", "Polar Bear", "Amber", "Malts" and others.In addition, the company acquired the license and produces at its plants products of famous foreign companies.

Beer for all

Company "Efes" is trying to attract attention to their products as much as possible the number of potential buyers.At a time when many people give up alcohol completely, plants known company starts production of special types of products with the highest alcohol content low.So in the sale, a new beer "Polar Bear alcohol-free."In Russia, it is available in glass bottles of 0.5 liters.In composition, this product is a little different from the rest.It contains barley malt, water, hops, maltose syrup and natural flavors "beer".Energy value is small and it is only 31 calories.The new product has the usual classic aroma and the taste is not inferior to their alcoholic "brothers."It is preferred by those who wish to remain sober while enjoying typical intoxicating taste.Of course, because alcohol content does not exceed 1 percent.

«Live» items

For gourmets and lovers experienced company "Efes" has launched a completely new product beer "Polar Bear unfiltered."The new beer is fully consistent with its trademark.It's very light, almost white, like a bear on the label.Strength of this drink is very low (about 4.5 percent), while the content of carbon dioxide in it is high enough.This leads to certain consequences.Furthermore, the production process utilizes a new method for double beverage oxygen enrichment.As a result, the finished product acquired a specific flavor characteristic for pouring beer.Sometimes a new product is called "alive."In fact there are reasons.When the drink has already finished fermentation stage, he passes the filtration step.As a result, the beverage still smaller particles hops and yeast.This makes it a bit dull, but it retains a distinctive taste.The new product has attracted the attention and much liked.Perhaps that is why it was decided to launch it into mass production in PET bottles of 1.5 liters.