Fashion Nails nail to short

only long nails can be a source of pride?Today, it is not.Rather, on the contrary, the ladies with long fingernails should be careful, especially with the striking design, so as not to pass provincial and holders of short - no way limited.They are available all: bright and dark colors, rhinestones and sequins.They are not at risk to overdo it.Let's see what it looks like a trendy manicure on short nails.

new French style

on short nails is not always possible to do a French manicure because of too little edge.But do not worry if the bar is a little on the edge to go to the nail bed.The main thing - respect the proportions.The basic rule: smile line - no more than half of the nail bed.But for a very short length it is necessary to draw the very thin.Then the nail bed will look more elongated.In order to make a fashionable jacket, you need to set aside overexposed white and natural lakes and take tsvetnye.Lyuboe harmonious combination of colors, the protruding portion of the nail with pattern, black nail polish with gold edge - all this is still very trendy.Trust your taste and easily combine your favorite shades.

Fashion Nails short nails: add volume

glossy and smooth nails - it is always nice, but obviously they are a bit fed up.How else to explain that manufacturers are offering many new and rather bulky covering?Sand lacquers, fleece polish bulonki ... Sand lacquers first aroused suspicion at those who like to decorate their pen, but they are now well positioned in the market: almost every producer can find a collection of sand paints.Regarding bulonok, they are rather complicated to use.As with them to do a good manicure?In short, you can really nail them to put a whole, and the rest to cover the usual polish in tone.But not necessarily to create from bulonok solid "cake" when it is possible to make an incredibly stylish manicure with thorns.

Combining different textures and patterns

Manicure on very short nails can be bold.Any images that are on the long claws will look frivolous or childish, on a strict and short square shape looks very different.Combine different patterns by combining them with one color theme, or alternatively, take one topic and apply it in different ways on different nails: a "patchwork" is very relevant.Combinations of different colors and fashionable patterns, and what can we say about the texture?Is it permissible to use a manicure and cream pearlescent paints, sand and glitter?Yes!Everything looks perfectly be fashionable.For example, you can take the sand and cream lacquer tone on tone, texture, and using to select one or two of the nail, making manicure date of Feng Shui.

Fashion Nails nail for short: choose the color

As mentioned above, long and bright nails - it is very difficult.Color "pluck the eyes" or sequins plus Amazing length - and in the office look askance at you accusingly.Another thing - short nails.They themselves look quite restrained, why not add a bit of bright color, the more that it is almost not noticeable in a general way?Furthermore, some shades lacquers, for example, black, can not be combined with long oval nails and short square look fine.Lucky effect foil, wine, coral, bright orange and white cream - all of these options have been seen during a demonstration of the latest fashion collections, and they are perfect for short nails.

Manicure nail for short: design options

Nail design for a short length of time will require no less than painting acrylic on tips, but the result is worth it!The most fashionable design suggests that each nail will be different from the others, but at the same time, they all will be a finished product.However, manufacturers are not far behind here: stickers minx, transfer foil with various patterns, stamping - and just a few minutes ready interesting design.The only thing that is required of you - it tastes good.In addition, please note that manicure on very short nails still has its own requirements.It is better to choose vertical and diagonal patterns that allow visually compensate for the lack of length.Although there are no fundamental limitations: sometimes even horizontal stripes may appear on short nails very beautiful.