What to do if you went to college?

School time is left behind, and in front - new skills and meet new people.From the first class, we are prepared for that after school you need to go to university.Unprincipled, in which one university.It would be bad if we did not mention that the most important in our lives to acquire higher education, and institutions whose crust is not so essential.

There are lucky people who certainly know what they want, and are committed to the target.This is for them the message that they are not taken at the first course of the university chosen, very harsh blow.

What if not enrolled in the institute?As further to live, because everything is destroyed, what was so long?How to survive this time?How to declare the parents that did not?What to do next?These questions momentary flash in the head of every applicant, who did not find his own name on the list received.

Actually, yes, for the person they chose the only way it's really a problem.He did not study your own next steps in the event of failure.He did not submit documents to the other institutions, as it was confident in their own abilities.At school, he still came out, he deliberately went to the designated target.And once everything turned upside down.It is necessary to find new ways to approach the own dream.

can always ask for help or hire a teacher.Home tutor
help you pull your own level of need discipline and try again next year.

no need to lose heart and imagines himself a loser.Simply not lucky, I find someone who was prepared a little better than you.It's no secret that you need to do from this lesson the correct conclusion - in some places barely finish my studies and could not score on the exam had not enough.Look at the situation from a different angle.Failure to own to examine how to open a new door.Maybe you have chosen the wrong path and destiny gave you a chance a year to think about fair elections ...

Boys may, actually, to go to the army, there to improve their own fitness and think about the future.Not only the army - it's a great school of life, so it is also gratuitous "fitness club."Since the sport in the army is given special attention.In spare time is possible to analyze their past mistakes and come to the next school year, the most prepared ethically.In addition, almost all schools enroll children who have served in the army for 1 course without competition.Is not this the way out?And homeland will return the favor, and do not lose time in vain.Besides, now serve only one year, this is the period which is necessary to wait until the next arrival.