What is spam and how to fight it

Spam - is one of the first concepts, which may face new to the network.To answer the question, what is spam, to understand its causes and how to deal with it, and I wrote this article.

Spam - interpretation of the term and nature of the problem

The concept of "spam" emerged as an analogue of the once existed hype canned, common in America.This fact is reflected in the work of Monty Python - British comedian group.When they began to develop Internet technology, spam began to call different sales letters that get into the electronic box, without the consent of the addressee.To properly define what spam is said to several of his species.For example, this can be messages that promote legal or illegal products, anti-advertising, scams, whose purpose is extortion of money or stealing passwords to bank credit cards rights.But spam can be called only those mailing to people who did not give permission.

If you register on the site after it leaves the e-mail address, so he agrees to receive information from this site.Such messages are considered spam, because the man himself has given them permission.

To understand what spam is enough to give an example.The spammer can illegally take possession of e-mail addresses of users and do a mass mailing of promotional messages.Here it is, and will be considered spam.

spam can become a real problem for communication and networking.So, you can come a message that will be spoken about trying to hack your page in social networks and link to resolve the issue.It is best to avoid the temptation to take advantage of it.Otherwise, there is a situation where your name on all your contacts will spam messages.Spam can carry viruses.Even more dangerous banner program.It is able to block Windows.And then a reinstallation of the operating system will save the situation.Identifying malicious spam that it is extremely important to know to know the enemy "in the face."So, it can be attributed to spam advertising links posted in forums, flyers and stuff like that.As a rule, you should immediately delete spam.There are the following features that are typical of spam:

  • links to websites that promote services in a particular area,

  • headers links that are not of neutral,

  • spread of links to spam articles and user pages.

ways to combat spam

To avoid spam, it is better to have two e-mail.One of the addresses you can specify when you visit forums and websites.It can not check.Most likely, he will be filled with spam.A second address used for correspondence.You should never respond to a request to send an SMS message.For example, to unlock your page or to log in to a particular site.Quite possible that you come across fraudsters who thus receive money from the deceived Internet users, or run a virus.A malicious program once on the user's computer, the file overwrites the host, which is in your operating system.He is responsible for the IP-address.The file must be identified and eliminated.

way to protect against spam, there are vast.However, none of them does not guarantee that from now on spam will not bother you.However, knowing what is spam, you can fight it.There are special spam robots that are able to identify the e-mail addresses on the network.To avoid falling into the database spammer javascript-code used to mask the address.If your browser does not support javascript, you should use the tag.As an anti-spam and fit options such as replacing "@" symbol word dog.The characters can be separated by spaces.

communicating in social networks, walking through the site, you must know what is spam on the Internet to avoid losing data, save money and nerves.