The famous Dracula's Castle?

Dracula's Castle (Transylvania, Bucharest), or as it is called, the Bran Castle is considered one of the world's most famous monuments of Gothic architecture.He is credited with some magical features, many people are afraid of this facility to shiver, and adventurers are literally drawn to it like a magnet.But in fact, is nothing extraordinary in this architectural monument is not, and this can make anyone who will inspect all of its rooms and halls during the tour.

history of this unique structure begins in the distant era of the Middle Ages, namely in 1212 when he finally was erected Dracula's Castle.Transylvania while the Principality has not stood out, so this castle was part of the possessions of Brasov.Since then, for centuries it lived a lot of kings and princes, the castle passed from one owner to another, and often found himself at the disposal of the state.So, in 1920 he was presented with the authorities of the Romanian Queen Maria, who made a very large contribution to the development of their nation.However, during the war, the owner of this building again became Transylvania.Castle Dracula managed to regain the great grandson of Queen Dominic Habsburg.He restored it and opened a real Medieval Museum.

Now we shall understand that why this building is called Dracula's Castle.Transylvania back in the 15th century referred to as Wallachia, and vague for the time ruler of the land here was Vladislav Tepes III.The nickname he received because of the fact that the punishment of the Turkish invaders, putting them on a stake.History testifies that Vlad was one of the most brutal rulers in present-day Romania, but his "vampiric" features is not known.In XX century author Bram Stoker created the image of a certain Transylvanian vampire, which was based on the archetype of the name of Vladislav III, which entailed a certain reflections on the part of the masses.The only clue may be considered a gloomy appearance, which had Dracula's Castle.Transylvania, however, is full of medieval buildings such as the whole of Europe.

After restoration, however, is already Bran does not have the rigor that has characterized the grim historical epoch.At the disposal of tourists there are 17 bright rooms, some of whom are bedchamber, and large rooms that stores various artifacts, sculptures, paintings and antique furniture.So many thrill seekers often frustrated, getting to the castle of Count Dracula.Transylvania (Romania) - a very peaceful place, magic and danger which is attributed only numerous novels and folklore.

Also worth noting is that Bran is surrounded by local mountain peaks, covered with trees and bushes, at the foot of which lie the spacious lawn.It is very beautiful in both summer and winter.This is one of those amazing places where old traditions still exist where nature and man are in unity, and people live without all the innovations of modern progress.