How to draw a cartoon character: Tips

With the advancement of technology one can not be surprised just draw a cartoon.Today, both children and adults become interested to see the object without the appropriate shadows and backgrounds.That is why artists, and those who just likes to paint you have to make a lot of efforts for self-improvement.The work is increasingly used a variety of image editors.However, in this article we will focus on how to draw a cartoon character.

general animation - it's not a science, so a strict set of rules here.Home - unleash the imagination and experiment.Before directly answering the question: "How to draw a cartoon character?" - It is worth noting that these characters can be different: cute, scary, touching, evil or good.In addition, this kind of art is full of surprises.Heroes stories can turn into animals or superheroes, the desires.The cartoons animals can talk and wear clothes.Set capacity depends only on the imagination of the artist.

how to draw cartoon characters step by step

should be noted that there are several ways of creating an animated film, you have to develop your own style.Get it only after some time, but we have to start somewhere, so the answer to the question of how to draw a cartoon character, given 2 instructions.They described the process of drawing beloved squirrel cartoon "Ice Age", as well as Tom and Jerry painting of the same name.For this we need an eraser, pencil marked HB, B, and a piece of paper (A4 size).

So more on how to draw a cartoon character - a squirrel with a nut.Firstly, in the sheet is placed vertically, it is necessary to mark straight lines the width and height of the future pattern.Next, divide the resulting rectangle into four parts.It outlines the basic parts of the body of the character.We pay particular attention to the faces of the hero.Elongated form, large eyes and other details.The next stage - the adjustment pattern.Rounding obtained form.Then add shading where the object does not fall lighting.

Now a few words on how to draw cartoon characters Tom and Jerry.For this it is necessary to divide the sheet into 4 parts.Then draw a rectangle inside the resulting shape the future of cat and mouse with the help of the ovals.This is the foundation drawing.The whole process further is better to start with a character's head.Check out the picture must be hatched.This will give the image volume.It is important not to overdo it with shadows.

The above algorithms are designed for those who already have some experience of drawing, so it is advisable to perform their first workout on the image of simpler objects.This will learn how to feel the shape, size, and the right to use shading to indicate the shadows, and other important elements.