How to draw a right hand

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Have you ever note that young children, drawing, often forget about the hands?They explain this by saying that just do not understand how to draw a hand!Adults abused children, trying to finish an incomplete picture yourself, but ... and they did not come out.And all because the only professional artists know how to draw the hand correctly.In fact, the human hand is drawn in several stages, and to make it beautiful, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules - in fact painted hands should look like the real thing.

Start by copying the usual.If you think that this is too simple and does not do any good, try it and you will change your opinion.Rubbings hands a little easier than to draw out of my head.If your friends are not indifferent to the fine arts, you can arrange a game with a drawing, for example, who are faster and better srisuet hand and give a stimulating prize winner.

draw and can also be their own hands.Start with a light outline of a sketch.This will help you get in the end a proportionate figure.Do not forget that the length of the arms should be approximately twice its width.It does not interfere with in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, the precision of proportions.You can give the following example: open wide your hand and imagine that it is your face.Fingertips - a line of hair, wrist - a chin, the end of the first knuckle of the middle finger - the line of the eyebrows, the middle of the palm itself - the bottom of the nose.

The next thing you need to take note - this is what knuckles arranged in a smooth arc, not a straight line.Typically, the hand there are no straight lines and parallel, as it is intended to capture and is always in motion.

Answering the question "how to draw the right hand," we must not overlook the fact that all the fingers on the arm of varying length, and the longest of them - medium.Then comes the ring, or index finger, then little finger and finally, the big - the shortest.To not make the wrong proportions, note that the middle finger - is half the length of the entire palm of your hand.

Remember that the inside of the hand is always concave and convex on the outside.If you draw a clenched fingers, make sure that between them there was not the slightest gap, because this does not happen in nature.But even if you draw an open hand, it is the distance between the fingers is usually minimal.Take in your hand some object (may be clay or dough), compress and uncompress it, watch how the hand moves.Please note that the muscle of the thumb stands out, and she is dotted with palm lines and furrows.

As for the bones, they are clearly visible in the knuckles and nowhere else.Prorisovyvaya knuckle, do not forget to highlight the tendon if the hand is tense.The peculiarity of the hands of women - their roundness.Fingers should be graceful and subtle, consisting of soft flowing lines, with clearly traced nails.

Now you theoretically know how to draw the hand correctly.Train more frequently and will soon achieve tangible results, the main thing - do not cease to draw.