Accounting for financial results

as the financial results of any of the economic entities is considered to be a gain or loss.This figure is determined by comparing the income of the organization and its costs.It is therefore important to determine the content of the sections "revenue" and "expenses".In terms of accounting income is considered to be cash inflows to the organization, in this case can be considered and cash equivalents that can be the impetus for the growth of the company's own sources.A expenses referred to outflows of assets, which cause a decrease in the sources of the company.Revenue generation in this case, involves an increase in economic benefits for the company due to the receipt of funds, or the reduction of liabilities that may lead to the growth of assets.The costs mean less benefits due to occurrence of liabilities or disposal of assets.Accounting for financial results in any of these cases indicates the current position of the organization.

final results of the organizations represented in the special for

m №2 «Profit and loss account".There is a whole set of regulations, which are intended to produce records of financial performance of the company:

- Form №3 «On Accounting".

- Regulations on reporting and accounting in the Russian Federation.

- Position on accounting «organization Incomes."

- Position on accounting «Charges of the organization".

- Regulations on the composition of production and realizable cost to be included in the cost of products manufactured by the enterprise, as well as about the order in which the generated financial results, which will be taken into account in the taxation of income tax.

Accounting for financial results from ordinary activities

In a market economy the foundation of economic development of any company is profit, serving the most significant performance indicators, as well as the source of its vitality.Due to the growth of profit generated financial framework for the expanded reproduction of the company, as well as to meet the needs of employees and founders in the material and social aspects.Under the financial results of the entity to understand the result for the period.The expression of the financial result can be in the form of profit or loss.In any case, you must maintain records of financial results.

One of the purposes of accounting serves the identification of taxable profit.In modern conditions, using the composite indicator, which characterizes the result of activity in the financial aspect.The index is used as the final balance of profit or loss, which is expressed as the algebraic sum received from the financial and economic activity results.

profit or loss - is the amount received from the sale of products, goods, services, jobs, income from participation in some organizations, interest receivable or payable, as well as other operating expenses or income.In this case, the accounting of financial results is as follows: The result of the sale of products is usually expressed as the difference between revenue and the cost of production process and its subsequent implementation.

starting point for the calculation of earnings, is the turnover for sales.The end of the production cycle is characterized by the sales proceeds and repayment of advances in the production process means in the form of money.So begins a new round of monetary circulation.

Now you know how to produce records of financial results.