Law on business

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Act entrepreneurship - a set of specific legal provisions, which are intended to regulate the enterprise (or associated with them) relationship.Legal norms affect the area of ​​public relations as:

  • horizontal.That is, the relationship built by the principle of "entrepreneurial entrepreneur";
  • vertical.That is, the relationship built by the principle of "entrepreneur - governing body."

Act entrepreneurship is based on the following principles:

  • freedom, limited by certain legal regulations.That is, each person is free to apply its property and the ability to implement business.Limitation presented in the form of laws are needed to protect the rights, interests and health of others, the foundations of the constitutional order and public security;
  • equality of all variety of forms of ownership.That is not allowed any privileges and limitations for persons who are engaged in business activities with the use of property belonging to the private, state and municipal property;
  • ban on monopolies.That is the law of the business provides a necessary for a market economy, freedom of competition;
  • correct understanding of the objectives.That is, the main impetus for business - a profit;
  • maintaining the balance.That is, the legislation should regulate the interests of the state as a whole and entrepreneurs;
  • the principle of legality.That is, entrepreneurship should be implemented strictly in accordance with the relevant legal regulations;
  • the principle of a single economic space.That is, in our country is prohibited to establish duties and customs barriers or other obstacles to the free movement of funds, products and services.

Act business is divided into two parts.The general part includes the following items:

  • introduction to the subject in question;
  • distinguishing characteristics of business law;
  • system of the right;
  • attitude regarding business activities;
  • legal responsibility for the violation of laws in the field of economy;
  • basic principles of the rights created for entrepreneurs;
  • articles relating to the privatization of state and municipal property;
  • business regulations at the state level;
  • protection of the rights and interests of persons engaged in business relating to property law.

law on enterprises and entrepreneurial activity also incorporates a special part.It involves itself legal regulation of aspects such as:

  • bankruptcy or insolvency of the company;
  • monopoly and free competition;
  • goods market.In particular, it is service quality products;
  • formation of prices;
  • auditing accounting records;
  • banking, lending, various calculations;
  • investment activity.

Law on entrepreneurship need to provide businesses the necessary legal framework.Laws can prevent anarchy.Entrepreneurship in Russia today appeared relatively recently and, therefore, this sphere is characterized by a low level of civilization.Relevant laws and control over their compliance with the legal order and ensure the possibility of a successful business.At the moment, business is becoming more civilized.