Legislative system

legislative system - is related regulations, which have legal force, as well as the internal unity and coherence.Their decision is based on the need to address the various government objectives.

Legislative system classifies and organizes the legal material in order to ensure access to it, as well as for ease of use actors.Streamlining regulations allows to bring them into a single harmonized system.

The legislative documents include the entire set of legal acts.Legislative system classifies them by sector regulation of relations in society and the degree of legal force.The first subgroup includes acts in civil, family and labor law.Legal acts of differing legal force, include documents signed by the Head of State, as well as other decrees, decisions, etc.

system of federal legislation contains the Russian Constitution, the legal acts issued by the federal authorities, and international treaties, of which one of the participants is the Russian Federation.

regions of the country have their own constitutions, statutes and other legal and regulatory documents.They form their own order.The set of regulations at the federal level and the subjects - a system of laws.

ordered system of legal documents has an objective character.The content of the entire legal system determined by social and material level of public life.The government through the publication of legal documents solves the specific problems arising at each stage of its historical development.The combined system of legislation is not only their ordering.It is quite organic.One of the priorities that express the feature of Russian legislation is the establishment of normative documents.They are the basis for the previously adopted concepts that are a reflection of the country's position in the world community, as well as its international experience.

foundation of the legal system are the regulations.These documents are issued decision of the authorized state body.The legal act is defined by the extent of its external form.On this basis builds up a hierarchy of documents, which is the basis of the Constitution.

Systematic legislation points to the impact of regulation of relations in the public sphere, as well as an indicator of the quality of legal work.Paper is always dynamic, which is due to both objective and subjective factors.The government traces the trends in the development of society and makes them binding, while adhering to their own interests.

industrial relations system takes the leading role of the labor legislation.It is a combination of those legal acts which are aimed at regulating relations between employers and employees.Legislative documents on work are:

- the constitution, as well as federal and local laws;

- international legal instruments relating to the labor relations, which have been ratified by the state;

- decrees issued by the President of the Russian Federation intended to further protect the right to work;

- different regulations regarding labor issues, signed by the Government of the Russian Federation;

- acts at the federal level;

- legal regulations issued by the subjects of the Russian Federation;

- acts at the level of local government;

- an agreement governing social and labor relations;

- collective agreements, as well as various local regulations entities.