Government spending

absolutely any modern country has its own public expenditure, which are often used to purchase the minerals needed products and benefits that simply can not be detected in the right quantities on its territory.

Government officials gather data on a monthly basis about what is lacking in a particular region or in general in the country.After the completion of this process, this information is fed to the Cabinet of Ministers, where it will be decided, exactly where you can buy all the missing.Most of all, between the two countries are long-term contracts for the supply of a product.How, for example, transportation of gas and oil, which has not in all countries of the world.It is those countries that can not boast of the presence of these minerals, buy them in other states.The bulk of the money they send to state spending.The latter are quite justified if the purchase is made at a reasonable price.

Government spending - it costs money anywhere in the world, due to which the commodity and raw material filling the gaps in the area.In most cases, the two or three countries at the same time there is a written agreement of the trade pie.For example, one state sells gold in the other two, one of which supplies free fruit first and second transports also free meat.Due to the fact that gold is more expensive than these two products, the first country to offer just makes the other two, which depends on the value of the goods they supply.Such long-term partnerships often allow little to reduce costs and save money in the state budget.The remaining funds can be directed either to the purchase of other goods or provide the increase of salaries, pensions and scholarships to those people who are in public care.

Many people are interested in where the money is taken for the purchase of goods on those States that do not have their minerals.On this question is very easy to answer, because every country has a tax which allows you to purchase other necessary goods for its own citizens.Government spending and taxes can be safely called the circulation of cash.That is, if you compile this information, we can say that ordinary citizens "help" the country of money that these funds for acquiring necessary goods, which are then people are buying again.Such a situation should suit all, because every self can not order yourself at the same bit of oil in Saudi Arabia.It turns out that you pay taxes, the country buys oil, and then you buy gasoline.

Do not forget that government spending is often much more than sales.In some situations, even not save such a condition that all citizens will give the state treasury all their honestly earned money.On the question of what to do in such a case, any official answer, you need to take a loan from another state, whose economy is more stable.

gradual development of the country will be allowed to gradually pay off creditors direct.It is not necessary in this case and forget about the development of their areas of activity.For example, many countries that can not boast of its minerals, very strong and rapidly developing in terms of tourism and service sectors.This activity will make a lot of money.As a consequence, public spending will not be as excessive for the state.