How to recognize the disease peppers in greenhouses

Wanting to get an early harvest of vegetables, many put the greenhouse.But on the rules of caring for them, about how to prevent various diseases, and most do not know.But with the appearance of some sort of infection probability that the indoor greenhouse, she struck the seating arrangement in the shortest possible time, great.In order to prevent disease peppers in greenhouses, it is first necessary to process its walls, beams, and even glass sanitized ground - this is the prevention of contamination.

Also, before planting the seeds must be etched.This way you can prevent a number of fungal, viral and bacterial infections that can affect plants.For disinfection use dark purple solution of potassium permanganate (it is this: in a glass of hot water dissolve 1 g of crystals).Seeds should lie down in it for about 30 minutes, after which they must be washed.

But even with such a seedbed preparation is not always possible to avoid problems, and diseases of pepper in greenhouses - is not uncommon.So, it happens that gardeners notice a white coating on the plants - this is the first sign of stem rot.To the disease does not spread greenhouses, irrigation should stop, start actively ventilate the greenhouse, remove all the leaves to the fork and stepchildren bush and remove plaque cloth.All damaged areas need to be sure to handle the solution of potassium permanganate and sprinkled with ashes.

Also, many fans are familiar with the peppers such disease as Stolbur.It manifests itself as follows: bare branches stretching upward to the leaves that begin to fade, there is a mosaic pattern, and the suffering and the fruit - they are ugly and woody.If you notice any signs of the disease peppers in greenhouses, immediately dig damaged bushes and burn them.

Another infection which affects the plant is late blight.You can recognize this type of pepper seedling disease, if you carefully examine the leaves and fruit.They appear brown-brown spots affected peppercorns begin to rot.Fighting the disease is difficult, if the seeds have not been previously etched.Although it is not necessary to despair often helps to get rid of the blight spraying special means.And it contributes to the development of this disease peppers in greenhouses excessive humidity combined with a sharp cooling at night.

In addition, peppers can be affected and conditions such as early dry spot and brown patch.These diseases of sweet pepper, photo displays which can be seen above, can cause yield losses.It is therefore necessary to monitor the level of humidity and temperature in the greenhouse, process plants Bordeaux fluid, which helps to fight many infections.

also plants can affect spider mite and aphids.To deal with them is enough to spray plants with insecticides that quickly decompose (suitable, for example, "Malathion" or "keltan").