How to wash a microwave oven with the help of available funds

It would seem that the usual procedure of washing of household appliances can cause a lot of problems.However, the microwave is not so easy to wash, and not having some knowledge about how to do this, you can not only lose the warranty on the product, but simply to bring equipment out of order.

How quickly wash the microwave at home

During operation microwave polluted from both inside and outside, so it should be washed periodically.The process to be as fast as possible, you need to take is suitable for use in the engineering capacity.To do this, suitable cup or something like that.

Then you can take a lemon, cut it in half or into smaller pieces and put in a bowl or cooking container.Next, pour 50-70% of the total volume of water, adjust the oven to maximum power and put for 10-15 minutes.After that, the question of how to wash the microwave should virtually disappear by itself.

fact that the lemon off vapors which soften the fat and other contamination.This allows for the end of the event simply delete all the usual damp cloth.But, in addition, it can also be used orange peel, which will not only clean the device itself, but also on the odor inside the oven to get rid of.

What else can be used for domestic cleaning?

You can also use vinegar.The principle is exactly the same as with orange peel or lemon.The only thing you need to pay attention, it's the fact that it is necessary to hold the door closed after use more minutes 5. If the option is not suitable with vinegar, you can use plain baking soda that each family have in the kitchen.

these methods enough to understand how to wash the microwave, but there are a few options that are no worse than the above.This should include cleaning:

  • With soap.To start you need to lather the soap and rub them inside of the oven and leave for 20-30 minutes, after which all the fat easily ototrĐĹtsya.
  • Using vodka.For this you need a drink to soak cloth and wipe the surface immediately.The result will be a stunning addition, there is no need for additional processing, since the pairs themselves volatilize alcohol.You can use just the alcohol, moonshine, and so on. N.

It is easy to wash microwave

henchmen If home remedies do not cause much confidence, but today there is a wide range of chemical agents that are in the range are available in specialty stores.There you can buy a special cleaner that will wash easily and quickly without any pollution harm your microwave oven.

One of the most common and popular - cleaner "Mr Muscle", which in most cases is used to clean glass.It is necessary to sprinkle the detergent on the walls of the oven and put it to work for one minute.However, it is worth remembering that not all devices can be operated empty, so there is better to put a container with water.After washing the walls should be wiped with a damp cloth.

From the above it can be concluded that the ways in which to wash the inside of the microwave, there are many, the main thing - the right to choose not to go into the oven when it is energized.

few more nuances and important points

strongly recommended not to use detergent with active additives, which may affect the wall and cause corrosion.In extreme cases, you need to use something similar to the means, "Mr. Muscle".The tray, which constantly rotates, it is best to rinse with clean warm water.This must be done, after removing it, process it should be from both sides as thoroughly as possible.

have already been said about how to wash microwave soda or other means.All this can be applied not only to clean the inner surface and the outer.Although in most cases need only detergent and a soft cloth.But there is one caveat: we must try to prevent moisture from entering the oven ventilation channels, as this could end badly.

How to get rid of persistent odors inside the oven

Every housewife knows that is not enough just to know how to wash the microwave, you should still be able to get rid of smells that there appear during cooking and heating food.There are two ways: the use of special chemicals that help to cope with this problem, or use the means at hand.

If we decided to use the second method, it is for this we need the capacity for 200 ml of water, a teaspoon of citric acid and fresh lemon peel, grated on a fine grater.All this must be mixed together and put in the oven at full power for 5-10 minutes.At the end of the time inside the device is enough to wipe with a damp cloth all.This is a simple but effective way that allows both quick wash the microwave and get rid of unpleasant odors.

few tips to conclude

is desirable not only to periodically wash the microwave, but try to do it right.Avoid water contact with a lamp, and if this happens, carefully wipe it dry with a towel.As noted above, the device can not be cleaned when it is energized.

In any case, you need to know how to wash their own microwave.However, it is best to try to pollute as little as possible.To this end, it is desirable to use a special cover, closing them food so that it does not contaminate the furnace wall.Or not lead to a critical state and clean appliances at least a couple times a week.