The system of administrative law

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system of administrative law of the Russian Federation reflects the structure of the sector, the complex interdependent, interrelated legal norms and institutions.In general, the discipline is a large, fragmented into a large number of acts of a conglomerate of norms.

subject, the method and system of administrative law

Science distributes regulations for certain groups.Each of these groups forms the Institute.Thus, a system of administrative law.

today considered discipline recognizes two structures: sectoral and institutional.

Institutional system of administrative law is the transfer of civil schemes within the scope of administrative law.As its benefits should mention the possibility of the distribution around the core subjects of the participating state and a large part of the administrative cooperation rules.The subjects in this case are the public associations and citizens, the executive bodies.

Institutes, which are formed within the structure covered by the provisions of administrative law used in the regulation of social relations of the same nature occurring in most areas of public administration.

Sectoral structure combines rules exclusively in accordance with the sectoral aspects of public administration.This system of administrative law promotes the formation of certain legal institutions.Among them should be noted the institutions management sphere of the economy (industry, agriculture, transport and traffic, credit, financial, and other complexes).In addition, release management industry welfare (education, culture, science, social development, employment, healthcare), administrative and political (defense, foreign and internal affairs, justice, security) area.

system of administrative law within these legal institutions regulate industrial relations administrative character, the peculiarities of each particular industry.In this connection, it formed the so-called special part of the considered discipline.

subject of administrative law should be regarded as public relations taking place in public administration, as well as the interactions that are formed in the other spheres of social life.There are certain kinds of administrative relations regulated by norms of the considered discipline.These species are classified in accordance with various features.So, there is a group formed in accordance with the subjective characteristic.This group includes the relationship between:

- by subordinate entities of public administration (the vertical nature of the relationship);

- executive bodies, which are not in a position of subordination (horizontal cooperation);

- state and local agencies, citizens, civil servants, other agents.

There are also group interactions, formed in accordance with the state-territorial unit or course of action.

method of administrative law prohibiting considered complex, prescriptive and permissible methods of influence on managerial relationships.Funds regulations, permission and prohibition are thus used in a specific ratio.For the method of dynamic characteristic of administrative law, which is due to the nature of administrative interactions.Said complex of measures inherent remedies relating to administrative type.