Gaming notebooks MSI: reviews.

Taiwanese company MSI is one of the largest companies producing computer hardware.Wide range of customers, it is known as a supplier of high-quality motherboards, graphics cards and other computer accessories.In early 2012, the Asian giant has announced that it will concentrate all their material and technical resources in the production and promotion of gaming notebooks.The company is practically refuses presence in all other segments of the microelectronics and computer technology.In the same year, the laptop MSI GT 70 wins two prizes at the international exhibition COMPUTEX.

line computers MSI

We'll do a little review of notebooks MSI.They are available in several segments.This MSI GP, GX, GT, GS, GE.

MSI GP - it is an entry-level gaming notebooks.They use 840th of schedule.It is a solution for those who want to try for yourself that it is generally for the device.Buyer can supplement the system SSD-drive.It has everything necessary for the gamer.It is a matte screen, comfortable keyboard, a sufficiently high performance and cooling system.

Gaming MSI notebooks are united by one feature - maximum performance.This was achieved by using the strong "iron" and maximum optimization of the interaction of the components with each other.

Review Series GT

Immediately struck by the massiveness of this computer.It is impressive.All the elements are arranged tightly.Between the panels and body components can be seen only the minimum clearances.This gives him a stern look, but at the same time adds solidity.Cap well and which is fixed in different positions.We can assume that he has earned it the first positive reviews.MSI notebooks weigh almost four kilograms.Such a device would be difficult to hold in one hand.This is especially true of girls, and those who like to walk around the city with the computer in your bag.Now we should linger a bit on the keyboard.The buttons are arranged in it in a "golden triangle", built in multi-colored lights.There is a wide variety of choices of color.

filling from MSI

If we talk about games online, here important indicators such as the stable operation of the network.Game MSI notebooks equipped with a special video card Big Foot Gaming LAN.It is based on technology Advance Game Detect.Its peculiarity lies in the fact that first of all there is the processing of data from games.The rest of the flow of information is processed later.The screen with FullHD resolution of 1920x1080 px and has a diagonal of 17.3 ". He has a big brightness and contrast, and power consumption is minimal.

on MSI notebooks operating system Windows 8. The speed of the system and games provides a powerful quad-core Intel Corei7 3630 QM with a frequency of 2,4 GHz, and 6 GB of RAM. This is another reason to earn good reviews.

MSI notebooks equipped with the GeForce GTX 670 with 3 GB of memory. The hard disk is 750 GB. Some modelscan be equipped with RAID array with SSD-drive. The speed of reading from the disk is 800 MB / s.

available technology

These notebooks use a wide range of cutting-edge developments. For example, the system Audio Boost aims to create headphonesthe sound of the highest quality. This audio connectors on the panel, gilded, and the work of the amplifier is characterized by very low levels of distortion and ambient noise.

MSI TDE technology helps disperse the system when you want to perform resource-intensive tasks.Another novelty - Cooler Boost.This additional cooling system of the notebook under heavy loads.

There are, however, a small fly in the ointment in this huge ointment.For experienced gamers when it comes to the highest setting, this notebook is rather weak.They will have to take a more powerful system.

Series Overview GE

If you compare laptop MSI GT70 and MSI GE70, the second will appear by his younger brother.Firstly, it is twice less.This can be explained by more modest performance.Secondly, the processor had already Intel Core i5 3210M with a frequency of 2,5 GHz.The HDD total volume of 500 GB.Screen resolution is also significantly lower, it is 1600 x 900 px.This diagonal remained the same - 17,3 ".

The GeForce 660 M has been two gigabytes of memory. However, this notebook allows you to comfortably play all existing games either alone or over a network. Cooling Systemsthere is enough to laptop does not overheat even in the toughest conditions. Depending on the configuration, it can be equipped with a backlit keyboard. Its dimensions make it easy to hold the device to the road. Series GE is the most popular due to the optimal combination of price and quality.

Game ultrabooks

novelty of the company are well received laptops MSI GS 60. It is a series of thin computers. Due to their light weight and compactness safely be called the first ultra-thin gaming laptop. Although the thickness of, in such devices installed powerful enough graphics (from 850th and ending 870 minutes).

The GS series is not DVD-ROM drive, but the practice has shown that it is becoming less necessary for games.This is due to the fact that most new products are now bought through various online services, and few gains conventional drives for installation.Therefore, to achieve the most compact, it was decided to remove it.The notebook uses a common matrix, but is immediately visible quality screen: matte, not shine, with good viewing angles.

base from AMD

MSI GX-series are based on the chart AMD.At the moment, I used 290 chart.It is very fast, so there is no problem to play at high resolutions and maximum settings.The processor is, accordingly, on the new platform Kaveri.

newest game Monster

MSI GT 72 - completely new model.This notebook has a more aggressive design.Even better cooling system, more opportunities.Use the most powerful video graphics, which can be put on at the moment.The notebook supports Super Raid and Super Raid 2 - patented technology MSI.This model is designed for extreme gamers, as well as for those who want to get the best product in the line of MSI.It is supposed to be will replace the model number GT 60 and GT 70.

little about the equipment

Options MSI gaming laptops as follows:

1. Heavy and large charger.

2. Guide, drivers for notebook MSI and system recovery disk.

3. Additional slides for a second hard drive or SSD-drive.

batteries lasts for 1.5-2 hours of continuous play.In power saving mode it can work for about six hours.RAM slots are empty, as all 8 GB sewn into the motherboard.Therefore RAM can be expanded indefinitely.It also provides space for second HDD-drive or SSD-drive.Corrugated metal lid protects the notebook MSI.

How to enable additional software, you can learn on the upper toolbar.All very convenient and understandable.The sides are necessary for today connectors and outputs.It remains to add that the built-in camera on the MSI is also of good quality and perfectly completes the image of this geymerskogo monster.


If we talk about the prices, they are quite high.For the money can be collected very good home game computer.But the whole point is to mobile devices.True, prices vary greatly in the lineup.Of course, everything depends on the CPU, VGA card, the availability of SSD-drive and a second drive, more memory, etc.For comparison, it is worth noting that the MSI GT 60 without the second drive and extra memory with Intel Core i7 processor will cost somewhere in the 60 000 rubles.

All models deserve only positive feedback.The MSI leave a good impression of the settings and ergonomics.Immediately striking and memorable excellent design.Backlit keyboard is very comfortable and does not irritate eyes.These laptops are fully compliant player who takes the device with him and always wanted to have a good playground.They can play your favorite games without losing in quality and have fun.For most gamers, they will perform with dignity all the assigned functions.On this you can complete the survey notebook MSI.