The biggest watermelon surprise many in the world

Watermelon - a large vegetable.Sometimes surprising view of the 20-pound fruit.But what would be the surprise of those who were lucky enough to see the biggest watermelon in the world!It weighs 122 kilograms and is brought in the Guinness World Records.

«American" giants

This giant was grown in 2006.Farmer Lloyd Bright on its plantations in the State of Arkansas in the United States that's got such a huge fruit.It was the biggest watermelon grown in the world in the history of farming.

second place in this list took too "American."It was here, but in the state of Louisiana was received by another big man.It was the biggest watermelon in the world in 2008.It weighed 114.5 kilograms.This record has made the family farmers Sistrank.I grew and ripened fruit of almost 5 months - 147 days.Ripe watermelon August 26, and then that was recorded this record.Fruit were weighed, not only, but also measured using centimeters.Its dimensions are also impressed.At length he vymahal by as much as 95 centimeters.That is such a giant in good growing conditions become sort of Carolina Cross.

Maybe someone had a question about where the then Delhi's largest watermelon in the world?For a family of such fruit and 3 days can not afford to eat.We give it to the parishioners of the local church, which they were very happy.As they talked, the largest melon in the world of 2008 was very sweet.

Sistrankov family, who raised this marvel, too, confirmed that the American giants have excellent taste and a sweet taste different.Farmers told his secret juicy vegetable cultivation.First, it is important to choose the right variety.On whip leave only one fruit.Every day should be carefully flip it to the bottom is not rotten.

«Russian" giants

In Russia, too, had grown quite large fruit.By Russian standards, it was a big weight.Watermelon varieties was "Russian size".Incidentally, the gardeners who buy the planting material, certainly paid attention to the eponymous company.It offers seeds from which to grow more tomatoes, a large carrot, strawberries and other crops.This firm brought watermelon seeds.One Bush gave a huge fruit in 2009.The weight of the large watermelon Russia - 61.4 kg.

managed to get a bumper crop Lihosenko VI, which deals with the cultivation of the "sweet fruit" of 30 years.But, according to the farmer, despite the size, the watermelon was not very sweet, so not very good taste.Typically, fruit contains 12-13% sugar, in the giant was only 8%.

Japanese size

Japanese Akinori Takamitsu specializes in the cultivation of this vegetable is almost a lifetime.Photos of the largest watermelon America, Japan hit.After Akinori Takamitsu grown fruit weighing 111 kg.This he managed to do in 2005.

But the Japanese giant, unlike the US, too, did not differ sweetness.So he did not go into the food.For 300 dollars it bought a chain of stores "Daye" and used for advertising purposes.This is not the first positive experience of Japanese.He grows fruit weighing 90-110 kg.

Inspired by such examples gardeners can also try to grow the miracle vegetable enormous size on the site.