What to take with you in the fall?

Autumn on the threshold.During the summer, many did not gain strength, and the body has rebuilt a different rhythm of work, preparing for changes in the weather, light, temperature, diet.Autumn - time to worsening of disease - reveals the weaknesses of the body.Why is this happening?After all tend to think that everything in the summer for health (vacation, sun, air, water, vitamins).

Each year, doctors have to observe that after the summer vacation majority of the population does not become healthier, but instead, a summer holiday accompanied by health problems.The leave few people think that the body is exposed to a huge number of loads, most of which takes on the liver.This gastronomic, alcoholic excesses, dusty air, air smoke from forest fires, use of repellents.

Ultraviolet gives a person a beautiful and fashionable tan, but inept using it weakens the immune system.

Move around the world in a short time - is a good discharge for the mind, but is a serious burden on the body, genetically human nature is not ready to fly across the sky, rushing along the ground with such speed.

a rest we do not know.Even if the person on leave will not leave, still changes the mode and schedule is not in favor of health.About

power even scared to talk.The holiday period is used a lot of junk food, and in large quantities.Increased ambient temperature accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, reduces the need for food, and the body is not getting enough vitamins and minerals.

So make a plan for yourself autumn measures to improve and strictly follow it. If you can last more than 20 days (trial period), then follow it for you to become a useful habit.

Autumn - time to strengthen the immune system before the winter cold.High performance boost immunity, according to the latest scientific data, has blueberries.Nordic berries (cranberries, lingonberries, cloudberries) much more useful than overseas kiwi and lemon.

Drink tea with dried herbs, flowers, berries.Such teas are useful for prevention of various ailments.

in the daily diet should be sufficient amount of vitamins, which according to the physiological needs of the body should come every day, they can not be reserved for future use, extra vitamins are not absorbed.

Pay special attention to nutrition. Food should be nourishing but not heavy on the stomach.Autumn body needs useful calories, and at their lack of somnolence, reduces the body's defenses.

horseradish, onion, garlic, have to be at your desk.Do not forget the sour-milk products.Eat more vegetables and fruits.It is necessary to include in the diet foods that improve your mood.For a good mood - the best medicine for immunity.

Scottish researchers found that cloudy weather leads to the fact that people gain weight because the body is not getting enough vitamin D. It reduces the shortage of the hormone that signals the brain about the saturation, and people overeat.

Tips scientists:

- eat more foods rich in vitamin D (eggs, fish);
- move more, walk in the fresh air;
- to arrange a holiday weekend;
- get up and go to bed always at the same time;
- sleep and overwork;
- not to forget about the rules of personal hygiene.

Live in harmony with nature. Enjoy the scenery of autumn, the beauty of which can not be compared (even our favorite) other seasons.

not mope! Remember that diseases are formed at the level of emotions and thoughts.By following the simple rules of the autumn, you will lay the solid foundation of health.

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