Houses in the house!

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people's faith in witches, goblins, poltergeists, ghosts and other otherworldly forces, lives even in our enlightened technological age.The most common of all the inhabitants of the fine world people are faced with houses, or "grandfather," as it is affectionately called by his ancestors.

In one version of the house - it is the spirit of a deceased ancestor, whom the Lord has appointed to help and take care of the living descendants.Another version is that when God in the creation of the fallen angels thrown to the ground, some of them were in people's homes - and there were homes in the house.

What is a house?

Brownie, usually invisible to the people, it is - a bundle of energy, which can feel a clairvoyant or a particularly sensitive and very kind people.Often it may be the children of low (increasing from 1 m) hairy man, whom they perceived as a toy to play with it and have fun, not at all afraid of him.

In the descriptions it looks like a very old man, as a shaggy, overgrown hair red, yellow, black or white, a small man, with long, protruding ears, long nails, shaggy palms, blue, white or red coat, beltedbelt.

homes in the house can often be the owners in the form of a cat living there in the apartment.By the way, pets (cats are the same), they see them.This is understandable, seeing a dog or cat suddenly staring into the void.In fact, at this time they see houses.

Brownie is considered the master and guardian of livestock and poultry and can affect their fertility and health.He plays with the animals he loves, feeds, watered and clean cattle, braids horse's mane in braids, tie her red ribbons, but if the bastard "is not in the yard," or "not suited", he chases her around the yard, torments,selects fodder knocks mats in the mane of a horse in the manger, instead of food, puts manure ...

How to talk to a brownie?

from homes can, in fact - you need to talk.Adopted to address him respectfully: grandfather, Sam, owner's father, Petrovich Kuzmich, sir-house.You can think of its appeal - it is important that he understood that it was talking with him, the owner's father, and not with any of the family members.

One of the main tasks is to monitor Grandpa clean energy homes.Unlike us, he sees very well the energy and waste can be successfully cleaned a small amount, but serious damage to destroy too much for him, so he starts to get angry and fouling.

At night the houses in the house can knock rustling, rattling dishes.Can the right thing to hide in unexpected places, tickle sleeping, steal or tangle thread.They are, in fact, a great joker and thus amuse themselves without causing significant harm.Get up to mischief brownie should chide respectfully and kindly asked to return a hidden thing.

How to communicate with the household?

If homes in the house love their owners, they are very jealously guard their master's of law and at the same time warned of the disaster, protect the home from evil spirits, thieves and intruders.

good to determine Grandfather place where he hid and slept.Normally, the place he finds himself and settles, more often - under the floor or behind the stove, but sometimes shows right where he likes, so that in this case you should be lenient and give.

Sometimes (every six months) should give him porridge, often - in a saucer of milk.Sugar, biscuits, sweets, soft bread, jam - every first of the month.Brownie did not eat food literally it feeds only the energy of the food.This gruel can not be given to people or to throw in the trash: it is given to domestic animals or birds, and sweets are left until the next 1st day of.

Brownies love to play old beads, coins, shiny buttons and jewelry.All this can add up in a decorated picture or glossy papers, a box without a lid, put in a secret place, and tell him that it is a gift for him.If caught

house, which can not reach agreement, it is necessary, taking a broom and saying, "sweeps you, alien pest house, expel", sweep the floors, looking in every corner.Do this all week, every day except Friday.

should not be left for the night on the table knives, forks, scissors, ie, piercing and cutting items, as well as salt, onion, garlic and pepper - it interferes with the Boss-father fight against evil forces, so that will not create it unnecessaryobstacles!