Smooth line of marriage - a strong family

knowledge about the connection lines on the palms of the hands and the future have reached our time from the deep past.Palmistry has its roots in ancient Egypt.Even in those days Guessing on the arm was very popular.For centuries, palmistry was secret knowledge accessible to the elite, today this activity is open to anyone.

not difficult to understand that the most exciting topic of divination are marriage and relationships.A line of marriage are mostly interested in the female population.The weaker sex is very concerned with questions: When will the marriage, whether it will be successful, the number of marriages, children, etc.On the hand, you can find answers to all the exciting topics, which are the responsibility of marriage line.

Location and value

Where is this mysterious curve?Traditionally, marriage lines are called small horizontal bars, which are located under the little finger.They are best seen when the fist squeeze in the palm and turn to face the side of his hand.Usually at this point you have one or more short lines.But only the most distinct, deep and long lines are called marriage.Usually there is one hand, at least - two or three.These signs tell of the longest and most important relationship in life, but the meaning is carried in conjunction with the other lines on the palm.

deep and clear single line of marriage is a sign of a happy marriage.And the smoother - more favorable.The most optimal - it is strictly horizontal.If this line is present on both hands, then we can talk about a favorable strong union.Two distinct straight lines can tell us about the possibility of two happy long-term relationship.

If there is a weak or a curve, with breaks or islands, it means that the marriage will be frequent quarrels and various problems.Warning signs are lines intersecting stripes wedding.A sign of a failed marriage goes down the line.

About the time the wedding can be seen through the love, the closer it is to the base of the finger, the later event will happen.

If intersect the curves of the heart and the line of marriage on his hand - a value that can rupture or divorce.A long line running along the palm and ends on the hill of Venus, warns of the invasion on the part of their own family.Serious enough sign indicating that can be broken down even strong affection.In cases where a person has a clear and short line of marriage, starting from the hill of Venus tends to the intersection with the line of life and mind, we can say about uninvited, and direct intervention on the part of their parents.Very bad if there are still an island.This is direct evidence of deliberate deception family, a consequence of the fact that parents are against this union.In general, the presence of the island to the line of marriage indicating any fraud or that of a partner conceal something terrible.

If along the plump skin, loving relationships are doomed to fail.The whole reason that the person calms your senses.If it does not deal with the problem, it will always throw its partners.

If the line is deflected upward marriage, the relationship is better not to make out.Ardent love is possible only without pressing on the bonds of marriage partner.At-bending to the bottom of the curve can be seen that a partner withdraws from life before, and thin dash indicate frequent illness.

plug on the end facing divorce, despite a long life together.

Palmistry is not only an ancient divination, but also fair.These professionals know that the hands indicate the events to which people approach because of their actions, merits, and dispositions.And if there are failures in the palm of the signs, it is not the reason for the disorder, and a warning that you need to work on yourself.A line of love and marriage should inspire confidence in the person, and inspire good deeds.