Rules of Life by Madonna

Revelation one of the greatest singers of our time!

Elvis - the King, the Queen and I.I told you that my birthday coincides with the anniversary of his death?

Money has no special significance for me.The more money you have, the more problems.But the glory - it's like a drug.It fills a void inside of you.

I will not be happy until they caught up on popularity with god.

Appearances are deceptive.As a child I was a good student, a model child.I never argued with my father, I do not take drugs and ran to school.And then, in thirty years, as the chain broke.

taught me life?Concede.This is not to show weakness: I just realized that you can put pressure on the people and terrorizing them, and can achieve its more subtle means.

And another lesson I learned: in any case we can not say the press that Argentina's president looked at the strap of your bra.Especially if you want to go back to Argentina.

I still can not stand the so-called good life.If me something expected, this is what I do not want to.

As a child I believed in God - passionately, as is the case with teenagers.Jesus was someone like a movie star, my main idol.Now the church was for me as a refuge, it gives me a sense of unity with the people.I can not agree with its dogmas and doctrines and yet participate in church ceremonies.

Loss of virginity?I looked at it as one way to make a career.

In many people's eyes motherhood has made me more worthy of respect and more acceptable.That is to say, more comfortable to use.On the other hand, I do not think that the birth of a child deprived of my sexuality.Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer - because they are still sexy, right?If you are sexy - so sexy, you have no children or they have five.

best year to live tiger than a hundred years of sheep.

I found it hard to understand his father, until I myself have not had children.

In Hollywood, few people who have not read the books in order to make them movies.In part, that's why I moved to England.I do not want to roll the barrel to America, but I really believe that the British intelligent.Also in London, I somehow calmer.I live in Marble Arch, then entirely Arab women in purdah.Nobody pays me any attention.

My fear of something usually means that I have to do it.

For foreign sociable extroverts often hidden shyness.This happens to men: to look at the real hero, but inside is not sure of himself.This is similar to the exercise you have to perform if you want to change.

a real workaholic and I can not imagine myself without a job.Of course, I'm going to change, grow and be interested in different things.Just do not go to bed!

In my heart I still the same girl who had once sold donuts at the cafe.The one which is fired from his job because it suddenly occurred to drench all visitors jam - filled for most of these donuts.

How could I become one with the same name - Madonna?Because I could get out, or a nun, or what happened.Other options were not.ยค

Fame - as a drug, it fills a void inside of you.I will not be happy until they compare in popularity with god.

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