How to shoot a video on "YouTube" from the computer

Today we will talk about how to shoot video on "YouTube", because this resource is the most visited site in the world.Many want to join the list of sponsors and make your most interesting videos.

What to say?

key role in deciding how to shoot video on "YouTube" to achieve the popularity of its channel, plays a subject materials.There is a list of those that are most in demand at the moment.At the same time, you can always find something new.It is best to create video content that you are interested in it.You have to understand what it is, your target audience.If the selected topic really interests you, you do not run out of inspiration to create new clips.As a result, you will be able to submit the required and really important information.The big money, however, you can not make money in all directions.


Now we will discuss how to make videos on "Youtube" financially successful.We emphasize that profit arises from transitions in advertising, hosted by Google on the page of your video.The most expensive clicks occur on commercial items (service, sale, purchase of certain goods).Find really interested audience in this case is much more complicated, but the losses are likely to pay for itself.For example, the average cost per click advertising on video entertainment themes ranging from 3 to 5 cents, as for commercial areas, where this figure could rise to several dollars.It is important to understand that in the first embodiment is much easier to collect the audience, but the total gain, often, is smaller.We should not forget that virtually all the rules there are exceptions.Check themed on the profitability of the service will help Google Adwords.Some trends are collected a huge number of spectators.But this will require experience.

What is now demanded

Now we discuss how to fill the video channel on "Youtube" when creating it at the moment.One of the most popular themes - the game.It does not matter whether you are doing the best lists and reviews, or remove the passage.The main thing to attract an audience.Clicks on this field are estimated above average, with a large target audience.The main disadvantage topic - competition.Channel telling users about the games very much.Next Hot Topic - a movie, and everything connected with them.Additional points of interest various reviews and surveys.Many people are, oddly enough, at first seeking the views of experienced videobloggerov then have to decide whether to go to the cinema.Also interesting critiques of various technical aspects and remarkable facts.Since the TV series and movies is now releasing a huge amount, and the audience is interested in, this theme is perfect to create a channel.


If you are wondering how to make a video on "Youtube" popular, start a blog, since this area is now the peak of prosperity.Users often filmed himself and tell the public about their activities, hobbies and thoughts, or speak with selected interlocutors.And someone creates a series of training videos.The main advantage - the coverage.In other words, you do not have a certain way to limit.Thus the main disadvantage - the complexity of the target audience.Remember that in this case you have to be a very interesting person to collect a lot of views.If this path is not for you, you can create funny videos, funny reviews or share interesting facts.


To create reports, you should know how to shoot video on "YouTube" through "Fraps".This is a simple program for recording streaming games directly from the monitor screen.The application is written to a certain point without difficulty start filming absolutely everything that happens on the screen when playing.You can also take a screenshot.The program has an intuitive interface and easy operation.For example, to start recording the game, press the F9 key once.Finish the process can be the same button.It should be noted that Fraps makes videos in very high quality.These videos take up a lot of space.So, the question, how to shoot video on "YouTube" with this program, the decision as after completion of the recording, you can immediately add material to their channel.


Now we will discuss how to shoot video on "YouTube" from the computer.Whatever it was, without a webcam difficult to create videos for the famous video hosting.Curiously, you can record material on the air.The procedure is so.Open a web browser and go to the page of video service Youtube.The first thing we pass authorization.Connect the camera to the computer.On the main page of the resource is the link that will lead us to the section of the recording.Fill in all fields relating to the information on our downloadable video.They are on the left.Filling procedure necessary to finish before you start recording.That's the whole trick.Now take care of the quality of the video.Set the camera in front of light monochrome background.It is less distracting and better perceived.Filming should be in a lighted room.You can also install additional lamps.Now you can start shooting.Take the time to clearly express thoughts.Thus, if the frame is for some reason do not succeed, remove it again.Do not worry, try to behave naturally.Experiences interfere remove a good video, because the words are forgotten and stray thoughts.Start recording in a good mood, because emotions are transmitted to the audience.A few words about the sound.To ensure recording quality, close all doors and windows, or outside noise will come into the room and cause interference.In many cases it is better to use a microphone.But there is another option, it can be attributed primarily to the training materials, the person in the picture is almost the author does not appear.The idea implies that a person shoots video at first, and then the voice of his, using a microphone.That's it, now you know how to shoot video on "YouTube".