Details on how you open the SRT-file

Now we will try to resolve the issue, you open the SRT-file.You will learn about the appointment of the format, as well as programs that will help in dealing with them.It should be noted that it is a subtitle file.


To begin to tell, which is intended expansion of SRT, you open it, you'll learn a little later, but in detail.The format is supported by a large number of video players and subtitle creation programs.Expansion of SRT is directly related to the application SubRip.It is, in fact, a small volume of the instrument, which is able to extract from the DVD subtitle files, transferring them to the usual text format.Materials of this type do not contain video.They are simple text files that can be modified in any text editor (for example, to transfer the subtitles).It should be borne in mind that the text subtitle files consist of a plurality of values ​​such as description, item number, start and end time of the show.SRT format allows you to change the position and color of text, as well as the mark character.However, the full range of functions of the decision is not supported by all players.Remember to recognize subtitles player, and then connect them to a particular video file, it is necessary that the materials have the same name and a different extension.Go directly to the question of whether you open the SRT, and then will be given a number of programs that can help in this.

CyberLink PowerDirector

begin with a versatile and powerful software package that will certainly help in solving our problem.With this solution you can handle amateur video, add subtitles and to turn it into a digital media file is professional quality.Explorer mode allows more convenient to manage a library of content.Due to the application, you can get access to various projects developed by other users.Available automatic shutdown PC after the creation of the material and write it to disk.The program has a huge number of functions, so if you are wondering about how you open the SRT, and then process it, pay attention to it.

There is another app from the developer, which is worth paying attention to, as it supports the format of interest to us - CyberLink PowerDVD.The main specialization of the program - to play DVD-Video and Video CD.Installation is possible on operating systems such as Windows and Linux.Here you will find a huge number of settings, concise user-friendly interface and the ability to find the necessary files on your hard drive.It supports various types of subtitle.

File SRT: you open, prompt BSplayer

This multifunctional high-quality player will also help to solve our problem.For user convenience, there is a large number of skins and support for multiple formats, including SRT.The fact that it is a free program designed for the global market, so there are advanced editing, display and search subtitles.The solution is not too demanding on the resources of the PC.This program can be controlled by remote control, if the hardware on your PC allows it.For better penetration in the subtitles, you can slow down the playback speed, but if forced to escape, create a bookmark.The app is easy to manage and configure.The inhabitants of our country will be pleased to know that there are Russian.By the way, all of the materials with which you work, will get a special library where they will be easy to find.Adding files is possible from any directory, including multi-volume archives.


considering the question of whether you open the SRT, we can not ignore this free media player that supports many formats, including required us.Customize the look is possible by means of skins.The size of KMPlayer is small - about 15 megabytes.When you go to the initial setup, you will see quite a small set of languages, and Russian is not among them.However, after the installation is complete the application automatically detects the primary language of the operating system and connect the required location.Settings here are very much concerned and subtitle options.

summary of the SRT: you open tests and conclusions

In addition to these applications, you can also take advantage of such as Classic Media Player (smart, functional, comfortable, small), VLC (for maximum comfort), WMP (requires plugin VobSub), MPlayer (free, takes place on different operating systems), SubRip, SRT2SUP, SubtitleCreator, Subtitle Edit, Aegisub, Jubler.All of the tools have been tested for compatibility with the format of interest to us, and tests have confirmed the absolute stability of their work.Now you know what the SRT file and how to use it.Enjoy your viewing.