Lenovo G500 Notebook

Each of us at least once in a lifetime buying home computer.Someone repeats this procedure every two or three years, some more or less frequently.Yet each is in a situation where you need to choose from a huge amount of current models with different parameters of the single, which is nice.

What criteria should limit the search box?Price, parameters form factor - each has its own requirements.But if you prefer portability, simplicity and reliability, the Lenovo G500 - your choice.

Technical Specifications laptop

rugged design - a distinctive feature of the manufacturer, and this model is no exception.The laptop - without claiming to be pretentious, it hides a fast processor of the third generation and up to 16 GB of RAM.Medium size display supports HD, which guarantees high-definition video.Depending on the modification of the storage capacity ranging from 320 GB to 1 TB.Some supplies Lenovo G500 is equipped with a Radeon up to 2 GB.Laptop battery can withstand up to 5 hours.The case contains all the necessary connectors: microphone and headphones, USB-port (supports 3.0), memory card slot, Ethernet port, HDMI.High-quality audio ensures clear sound.You can enjoy your favorite songs, or comfortably watch a movie on DVD.And with a wireless Wi-Fi adapter is easy to stay in touch.

again about the issue of choice, or who fit G500

When purchasing a computer you need to clearly understand the tasks that you plan to address through valuable acquisitions.With various modifications laptop Lenovo IdeaPad G500 satisfies quite a wide range of consumer needs.With minimal parameters is modest office workaholic, intended for record keeping, reporting, web browsing and other small office business.Home if you do not try to take the senior representatives of the lineup, then at least confidently occupies the middle niche in the same row.This is a processor i5 and above, 6 GB of RAM, 500 GB - HDD.With a laptop, you can pass the time on the Internet, while there is a video processing or construction of an important report.If at that point it will be necessary to connect remotely to the office and urgently solve a small problem, and this problem will afford IdeaPad G500.If you had originally planned to remember your favorite games in their free time, then your choice - top model.Augmented external video card, assembled specifically for racing fans and "shooters" or experimenters - those who come up with, you download the latest processor and fill the 16 GB "RAM."

consider the laptop Lenovo G 500: customer reviews as a criterion for selecting

If we believe adage that together and think faster and more accurately, it is good advice for the chosen model would come in handy.If such advice, opinions, stories of personal experience will be a dozen?Or even hundreds?There could hardly be mistaken if only occasionally will not get married.To do this, and there is a system of reviews.

almost all online stores can be to evaluate the product and leave a comment with a detailed explanation of the assessment.Because voters folded rating.So, at about the same characteristics and the price of two similar products, you can choose the one that caused great sympathy buyers.But blindly trust everything you read on the Internet is definitely impossible.In addition, pay attention to the particular model to which wrote a positive or negative response, as well as the reasons for the author as to evaluate the purchase.If the buyer wanted to play the game in 3D on the junior model, the laptop is in this case the low estimate does not deserve, because it is not designed for such tasks.

price issue, or how to find the optimal combination of

Periodically there is a situation when in the pursuit of low prices, we lose a lot of unjustified quality.Or, conversely, imagining the ideal parameters to know the price and the horrifying.A golden balance somewhere in between.The most attractive in the Lenovo G500 - price.Not because it is low, but because everyone will be able to choose the ideal combination of parameters for a computer and the amount of money that is necessary for these settings to give.If you do not have a four-fold increase in processing power compared to your old laptop, you will not have to pay for it.Because the G500 can be selected individually.The average prices for this line of notebooks from Lenovo range from 7000 to 30 000 rubles.

Pleasant trifles

Any devaysa, including the Lenovo G500, the characteristics of which are described above, in addition to direct technical parameters, there are other features.Pleasant to the touch plastic is unlikely to have a significant impact on performance and a comfortable soft keyboard does not help the cooling, but these extra little things gradually and increase confidence in the fact that having made this purchase, you will not regret.

laptop from Lenovo comes preinstalled with the Windows 8 Pro, had time to establish itself well.The official licensed version of the popular operating system can hardly be called "pleasant things", as well as an integrated system backup and recovery.And the first and second most - a solid argument in favor of this model.

Useful tips

buying a new laptop, we hope that it will serve us for a long time.How to protect yourself from all sorts of trouble with the technique?First, purchase it only in reputable stores with a good reputation.This does not relieve you from accidental factory marriage, but still give a guarantee to quality goods.

Second, take care of their equipment.Avoid extraneous debris and fluids under the keyboard, improper location of the laptop on an uneven surface (this leads to overheating and failure of components).If you do not intend to use the battery for a long time, remove it, discharge half.Ensure the timely updating of anti-virus software.Subject to these elementary rules of your Lenovo G500 will last much longer than you imagine.