The role of the Planets

not have information on the role and activities of the planets is not known life to live blindly and senselessly, that is left to fend for themselves their own lives.

role of the planets is very high in our lives they lead zodiac signs and zodiac signs to guide us.Each planet has its own area of ​​activity, and when it enters into any constellation it according to its sphere of activity is changing the nature of work zodiac sign: a positive or negative.

usually say that there is a powerful, perfect and exceptional power that directs the universe.We call the power of the God who supervises three, three - seven, seven - twelve.This is the only ideal force guides the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and they in turn direct the luminaries of the Sun, Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the last - the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Each planet has not only the program and area of ​​work, but also the house that she directs, a chair in which a sign of the zodiac, where she is resting, it also has a leading planet.

planets relate to each other in different relationships: one - a friendly, others - hostile or neutral.If a different location, they have different attitudes to each other and the destiny of man is subject to change under their influence.They successfully pass through all the signs of the zodiac, the predicted time and without any delay, any change is not happening for millions of years.Thus, we can say exactly what month, what day and at what time in what zodiac sign was or will be in this planet.

Yes accuracy in space is ideal.It is clearly seen that the life of the planet is similar to our lives.If we draw a parallel between them and us, we will be able to discover for themselves a lot of new.
Each planet is also linked with any number that corresponds to the birthday person.This number affects the vibration of their rights and directs it to the adoption of the correct position, the correct behavior in a given situation.Moreover, the signs of the zodiac run by the planets, they have a direct relationship with man.This relationship is expressed by the palm and podpaltsevyh mounds.Each of these mounds associated with a planet, it sends and receives job information.These connections are made through the seven planets known to us.

connection with the planet a person is also carried out through the lines of the forehead.Each of the seven planets is one line on the forehead of man, and these lines are also determined his fate.Word of Fate (in Armenian "bshTsshiish ^ p") literally means: written on his forehead;it already means that human life zastenografirovanna on his forehead, it can not very well manifested in his youth, but for the life of the effect of all that makes people visible on his forehead, no detail is not lost.The line on the forehead, are interconnected with the planet, not only sends the information, but also gets information for further action.Many people do not even believe that there is a fate, however the lines on the forehead can read the fate of anyone who is not a mystery.In the past so well read on the fate of the lines on his forehead, that many do not go outside with an open forehead that outsiders could not read their fate.Those who had no reason to be afraid, and said to segodnyaschney day use the expression "I can go out with an open forehead."

In the human body there is no line, no sign that he had not been in communication with the planets, or would not have had its inner meaning.At the moment when a person is born, his fate is approved on the basis of his past life and activities.And approved in the same position that occupied the planet at this time in relation to each other, because at this moment there are different planets in different signs of the zodiac.

Fate approved at the time of birth, is given to the whole life, but it could be changed, as it is connected with the image of a person's life, his behavior and level of development.

No doubt, the same phenomenon in different people act differently, so they exhibit different behavior.

You would think that if a person is not born on that day, he would have had a different fate.Sure, it's the absolute truth, but this person had to be born on that day, at that moment, as his destiny is predetermined according to its merits.

When people are born, it is known, in which the sign of the zodiac the sun was in this moment, it is known as the relative position of the planets and then you can predict his fate, the program of his arrival on the planet Earth and a number of properties, through which he has yet to prove himself.Using data of his birth can also find the values ​​of his past life that shaped his identity.It can be found with the help of the rising sign.Combining data on the rising sign with the data obtained from the sun, a person can learn about a lot of details and correctly understand himself.