Asus X550C (laptop) performance and customer reviews

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Like its more expensive sibling, ultrabook UX31A, laptop ASUS X550C has pleasing eye lid design with gradient effect and the ASUS logo in the center.However, unlike UX31A, our animal cap is made of plastic instead of aluminum.Plastic mat, a little rough, the cover does not slip in hand.This material is selected so as not to be seen untidy fingerprints than suffer models with glossy surfaces unlike ASUS X550C, reviews about the design which thoroughly positive.

Under the hood lurks a silver keyboard with a grayish tinge;palm rest with a different color.Not a bad design decision.

On the left side are arranged LED-lights you press Caps Lock, battery indicator, operation indicator Wi-Fi and hard drive.When you print the text out of hand is not visible indicators.Not that this is a significant drawback, however, engineers should consider a more convenient location of the display panel.

laptop has a size of 14.9 x 9.8 x 0.97 inches and weighs 2 kg.It turns out that he is a little bigger and lighter than laptops of other manufacturers of similar price range, trying to compete with ASUS X550C.Laptop has the following characteristics.


Pyatnadtsatidyuymovy ASUS X550CA screen with a resolution of 1366 x 786 pixels will not leave anyone indifferent.The picture quality is good but not excellent.When viewing images of a hodgepodge of colors, if you look closely, some of the colors appear worse than others, but not much.

viewing angle of the screen is only 60 degrees on both sides.This is no surprise, although the last time you watched a movie on the laptop at an angle of 165 degrees?Here's what it is.

X550CA has no touch screen.Other and not one would expect for a measly fourteen thousand.Here Comes Windows 8. Of course, now popular to put the OS even microwave, but here it is completely useless.Far better would have looked "Seven."

Integrated control panel picture quality offers a choice of three modes: "Normal", "Cinema" (adds yellow) and "clarification" (adds white shades).There is also a manual setting, with which you can play with the slider, adjust the color balance.

Sound Sound at X550CA excellent.The speakers provide powerful and rich sound.The ASUS decided not to skimp on sound and built into a series of byuzhetnyh noutom quite a high-quality speakers with a wide range of sound and rather impressive bass.The sound was very high quality without any background noise.

Included also is the possibility naystroyki sound.In total there are five modes: "Standard", "Music", "Movie", "Streaming" and "Speech".

keyboard and touchpad

consider input device X550C ASUS.The keyboard is full-size turned out not due to its smallest size of the laptop.Asus engineers say that the laptop has a special keyboard.Depth stroke keys, their size and resistance when you are selected in such a way as to avoid accidental presses at high speed printing.

Field tests showed an average printing speed of 80 words per minute error rate equal to one.This is why some have problems with space, when it seems that you pushed it, but actually not.

Components ASUS X550CA with large size touchpad is quite justified in view of the lack of a touch screen and the availability of Windows 8 on board.The touchpad has the support of ASUS X550CA multitachinga do swipe at it convenient and comfortable.

Heating and cooling

ASUS uses IceCool, which really works.After a fifteen-minute streaming HD video quality laptop ASUS X550CA barely reached the threshold of 30 degrees.Keyboard heated less.At the same time declared safe upper threshold temperature is 35.6.


look at the camera ASUS X550C.Characteristics of its poor.

laptop has a built-in webcam at 9 megapixels, but the picture still turns ugly.Pile of artifacts and color distortion.Small details make out at all possible.In other words, a webcam at nouta worthless.


If you intend to use as the main X550CA working machine, the more likely you will run into a shortage of USB-ports.The laptop has only two interfaces USB: 2.0 and 3.0, though located near the left side of the notebook.In the same connectors HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, sockets for a microphone and headphones.Right left DVD-ROM drive.Combo card reader is located on the front side.

Performance Dual-Core Intel Core I3 with 1.8 GHz and 4 gig of RAM does not allow us to call ASUS X550C powerful gaming laptop, but its capacity is enough for comfortable work in the classical job applications and not very demanding games.However, much depends on the operating system.In Windows 8, eleven simultaneous open pages in a web browser "Chrome", noticeably loading the laptop, although it would seem that nothing special about it.Metro interface with such a workload opens with a delay of a few seconds, but then runs smoothly and flawlessly.

Despite the fact that the basis of the laptop comes with a fairly slow hard drive of 500 GB, "eight" is loaded in just 12 seconds, which is much faster than analog from Lenovo, which is loaded as much as 23 seconds.

Copying the movie size is 4.97 GB with a speed of about one and a half times higher than that of counterparts from other manufacturers that can not please users and engineers ASUS.

image from the video card Intel HD Graphics 4000 should not expect much.Yes, you can play some toys, but forget about twisting the graphics settings at maximum.It will slow down significantly.

In the same "Vovka" laptop produces only 24 fps, though the schedule there is not the most top grade.For comparison, Lenovo provides a stable 27 fps, which is much more pleasant to play, but also Hp does not raise the fps above 24.


with working Wi-FI while the notebook is limited to 4 hours, on condition that you justsit on the Internet.If you watch movies, listen to music, run applications or play, while the laptop is significantly reduced.

Asus x550c: price

another important question.

Notebook ASUS X550CA standard has the following characteristics:

  • dual-core processor Intel core I3 processor with a clock frequency of 1.8 GHz;
  • 4 Gb RAM;
  • HHD 500 GB;
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000.

price of this miracle is $ 449 (15,000 rubles.).

If you want to get a more powerful machine, perhaps you should look at the X550CA-DB51:

  • dual-core processor Intel Core i5-3337U clocked at 2.7;
  • 8GB RAM;
  • HDD 750GB.

worth all this 570 dollars (about 17,500 rubles.).


very attractive appearance.The sound and the price of ASUS X550C (reasoned responses) is also on the level.Pathetic 500 bucks there almost everyone.However, the viewing angle of the screen, a slow hard drive, the battery is weak and not very powerful iron-lubricated rosy picture.For the same price you can buy a more powerful laptops competitive brands, for example, HP Pavilion g6t with perfect bright screen, longer working time and more powerful hardware.However, if you need a work notebook with great sound and appearance, which you will not play in the last game of the series Total War, this model will suit you perfectly.

Customer Reviews

about the performance customers have expressed the view that this technique lives up to expectations."Eight" is working fine.It is possible to upgrade a laptop up to 16 GB of RAM.We get very powerful.It can be used as a portable videoopleer.Customers are very satisfied.

However, there are some claims to the technique.A bit strange touchpad.Periodically not recognize or recognize gestures correctly.There are some minor complaints about the screen: what is missing - whether brightness, or sharpness.Maybe it's in the permit?Not the best picture.Still lacking USB-port.Only two ports - a little.