The six-pointed star: the value.

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At all times, people paid special attention to the symbolism.And it is not so important, whether talking about religion, occultism or usual enthusiasm.And always occupied a special place six-pointed star.The value of this character can not be determined unambiguously.The large diversity of cultures, it is treated differently.

star general since ancient times been an important symbol, as its image was suggested by nature.Man is inevitably drawn to the sky, so she compared the people with excellence, strength, perseverance and protection.Blink and bright iridescence pointed hopes, dreams and wonder, which also had a positive impact on the attitude to the appropriate symbolism.The six-pointed star in the different cultures has received the special definition.But one thing is for sure: there was no such civilizations who would not pay his attention on her.

origin of the Star of David

There is no doubt that the Star of David refers to the Jewish culture since it was first discovered in the 7th Sidon.Printing on which it is located, belonged to no one Jew Yehoshua ben Yeshayahu.Then the character did not have any other definitions, its name was: six-pointed star.Photos of the print preserved until today.Later, the character was another name - "Magendavid", as well known in our time - "Star of David".It happened in the early Middle Ages, when the first source with the legends of King David.It was believed that such a shield with the symbol of defending the commander and his army in battle, so they brought only victory.

Talking about what it means to the Star of David, should not be missed, and another version of the name.It is described as a David Alroy, who considered himself a messiah, led the army to Jerusalem, to bring back the city conquered by the Crusaders.It was believed that he was a mystic and magician, also quite vain, so called star in his honor.

From the thirteenth century, the star becomes more popular, it appears on the walls of synagogues, on amulets or in books with Kabbalistic texts.Most historians and researchers believe that the symbol was then a backdrop, its specificity, he found a little later, in 1354.At that time the Roman emperor granted the Jews a special privilege, they became owners of their own red flags that adorn the Star of David.Since then, all mention of this symbol are focused mostly on the Jewish and Jewish culture.

Understanding the six-pointed star

The "six-pointed star" is usually depicted in the form of equilateral triangles superimposed on each other so that their tops looked one up, the other - down.Also, these figures have one center.In some cultures, a symbol of reformats in accordance with the beliefs that are observed within the society.However, most of this image belongs to Judaism, since the star has the widest dissemination of the Jews only.

one time crossed the symbol in the history of a swastika.You can not give a single example of where this character is seen in a positive way, but in the opinion of people will not be affected, because a large amount of time was a hexagram in one rank with Nazism.

In fact, the most common symbol of the wrong understanding.Talking about what it means to the Star of David, commonly referred to Judaism and its presence in the religion.Today, under Magendavid it meant freedom, and that is the explanation.There are several opinions as to exactly when the hexagram became personify the Jews, but they all have approximately the same ending.

5-6 century lived, King David, whose nation was under oppression.In the fields in the battles with the enemies of the Jews they are often lost because they could not hold back the onslaught of the powerful warrior - Goliath.But David, picking up a shield with the image of the hexagram, still defeated him.As a result, the Jews were freed from enemy oppression.

later (in the 13th century), the Jews again intersect the hexagram.Now, for services to the empire of the Roman Emperor Charles bestow nationality flag depicting Magendavid, only then it was scarlet (in modern times - blue).Again, getting the stars associated with freedom.

And finally, in the 18th century Europe, which was at that time developed region and plays an important role in humanity, receives six-pointed star as a symbol of the Jewish people.Thus, in this case, understanding Magendavid invariably linked with the freedom of the Jews.

As the Star of David appeared on the flag of Israel?

If the conversation goes on as to which flag the six-pointed star, is always referred to Israel.Some other countries throughout the history of mankind is also assigned the symbol its kind, but in fact it has taken root in the treatment only in Judaism.There are several hypotheses as to how the hexagram appeared on the flag of Israel.

According to one version, this symbol was borrowed in ancient Egypt.In the Egyptian pharaohs Jews had long been a slave until the prophet Moses had not come and become their deliverer.In occultism of the ancient civilization of the six-pointed star occupies a special position, it was used in the mark of the signs associated with deities.It is a true story, except for the fact that its most common name - "Star of David".And here is the name, whom he called the character does not appear.

Another version is that a certain David was the liberator of the Jewish state, and its military campaigns for the release he has always put forward, carrying a shield in the form of a six-pointed star (according to other sources, this symbol was painted on the shield).After the defeat of more powerful forces outside observers the impression that it is the shield of David caused the release states.

It should be noted that the symbols of Judaism did not immediately began to include a six-pointed star.It is likely that the Israelis closer to a philosophical or religious component of the hexagram, and decorative.


Considered a symbol of the 7th century BC.e.excites the minds of historians, occultists and culturologists.And all because he appears in many written sources on rock paintings, stamps, emblems and other similar elements.This means that virtually every civilization that has ever existed on the planet, has always evinced their interest in the character.What is its mystery?

None culturologists still not come close to the matter, any new facts relating to the six-pointed star, open up more unsolved mysteries.On the one hand, there are a lot of historical data or information from mythology, where the Star of David only plays a positive role.For example, Solomon wore a ring with the seal of the corresponding image.With it, he called for the spirits who helped him in all good undertakings.

Or the story of David, in which he defeats Goliath with the help of the shield with the image of the hexagram.Since then, the Jewish military leader was not only the hero of the whole nation, but a liberator.Despite the fact that from that point has passed already more than one hundred years, all the Jews is still revered as a symbol of the defense of the demons are carrying amulets and talismans with images.

But there are absolutely opposite stories related to the hexagram.She often appears with the swastika, so many people have a negative attitude toward it.In fact, its involvement in the historical events of that terrible time was very limited.In the concentration camps we conducted experiments on human beings, and after some experiments, some labeled.This was done through the hexagram image of yellow color on the forehead guinea.This situation allowed the Nazis to distinguish between those who have experimented over from the "clean" people.

Therefore, wherever featured six-pointed star, the value it is always either positive or negative.It occupies a middle ground only as a symbol in some cultures, and it is only because that is not considered a hexagram as a whole, and its individual images (eg line of the triangle).


in magic and the occult, knows how much of modern history, has always been present six-pointed star.Its importance is great not only for rituals, but also to create amulets, talismans, amulets, spell books, and so on.The magic of the three sides of the triangles represented the matter, spirit and nature of the median (the same as that in science - space).Thus, the value can be divided into three components:

  1. mind or consciousness, an element that is responsible for the creation of energy.
  2. Matter (median nature, space).Occultists regarded the matter as a kind of cosmic substance, which harmoniously distributed throughout the universe.Therefore, the element responsible for the safety of all that ever existed.
  3. physical matter.Since it is quite dense, it ceases to transmit light of the sun, gradually becomes darkness.Therefore, this element is responsible for the destruction of energy.

Based on the above, we can conclude that the six-pointed star held a special place not only in certain religions, but in the magical teachings, who have not lost popularity until today.Because of this character could be explained by any event.Magical amulets with the image of the hexagram opened occultists future, past and present.


six-pointed star has always represented the powerful protection actually impenetrable.Therefore, up to now it is often used to create amulets and charms.Since the Middle Ages, from the hexagram considered talismans powerful defenders of bladed weapons, as David defeated Goliath by using a shield with her image.

Later amulets acquired additional importance.It was believed that they were protected from fire and a surprise attack by the enemy.Over time, this property has lost its significance, but there was more.Towards the 16th century, the six-pointed Star of David on the talismans used to protect against evil spirits.

Anyway, any material object has its own energy, which can serve as the evil and the good.However, there are signs and symbols that are not only time-tested, but also gained the status of customary assistants.It really is Magendavid, because for thousands of years they are interested in all peoples and cultures.

Why six-pointed star in Christianity is seen as a symbol of evil spirits?

The "Star of David" in Orthodoxy is not very good reputation.The fact that the hexagram from ancient times was considered a symbol of Judaism - the religion that Christians perceive negatively.

But there is another explanation for her bad attitude.The fact that a specific value Judaism Star is that it has been only six days (all figures 6) and arrives at the seventh messiah.In the Christian faith, Jesus had visited the earth, so the seventh day arrived.In Judaism, it is only expected.Consequently, Christians perceive the character as irrelevant.

symbols of religion, and all you need to read.Therefore we can not say for sure that all the Orthodox have a negative attitude to the six-pointed star.Moreover, many clergymen have even refused to give it the value of the number of the beast.

six-pointed star - evil or good?

Many cultures have never treated negatively to such characters as the Star of David.Photo with the image of the figure described in a negative way, are found only in the eschatological interpretation.This religious doctrine compares the character with the number of the beast.It has 6 corners, 6 small triangles and 6 sides inside the hexagon.

Indians, namely, yoga and tantra, compared with the symbol of the human chakra, located at the heart level.It is responsible for love, compassion and devotion.The direction of the triangle is the sky down, up - land.Accordingly, it is the universe in this case is oriented six-pointed star.The value of the symbol expresses the essence of a man who is constantly torn between the spiritual and carnal components.

When the first alchemists, they are also interested in the hexagram, and depicted with the help of the Sorcerer's Stone, who gives eternal life.Masons compared character with great wisdom, to which, in fact, they tried.Anyway, for each compared the six-pointed star with something their own.

value in different cultures

six-pointed star is not only esoteric or religious significance.Many civilizations have used it in various fields because it looks nice.For example, from the fourteenth century, it was used as a reward for meritorious service.Moreover, some modern military units are still awarded the Star of David as a sign of special honor.

But, of course, one can not exclude the religious or occult component, which has a six-pointed star.Its importance in the Christian faith can not be called unique.On the one hand, the Orthodox do not like it, because of the number of angles and sides of triangles figure of 666. On the other - it is a six-pointed star is pointing the way to the house where Jesus was born.But conventional orthodox opinion is focused on the fact that the Lord took 6 days for the creation of the world of people, and in the seventh he shall come.Therefore, in early Christianity, this character was more important than it is today, because the Messiah has already come down to earth.

Oriental culture also began to abandon this symbol.In Tibet, for example, it means 6 syllables most important Buddhist prayers.Hindu culture is not seen the star as a whole, but only its triangles.They represent Kali and Shiva, or the destruction and creation of the world.Thus, the Eastern traditions perceive the hexagram as a symbol of balance, and the inevitable constant struggle between good and evil in the world and / or in one particular person.

In Freemasonry is also found Magendavid, but the members of this society give greater preference pentagram - Solomon's seal.It is believed that Solomon the son of David, if you remove any small triangle with the image of the hexagram, you get a five-pointed star.Therefore, the Masons still associated with Magendavid, but indirectly, by honoring him as the father of Solomon, the holder ring with five-pointed star, which he commanded the spirits and ghosts.

Theosophical interpretation focused solely on the perfection of the universe, as well as the occult.Two triangles (2 - the number of women), and three faces in each corner (3 - the number of men) make it possible not only to idealize the universe, but also the character itself, which explains its high value.

six-pointed star in a circle appeared almost immediately for ordinary Magendavid.However, its most widespread, she received only astrology.So all the signs of the zodiac depicted in one particular symbol.

general can not say exactly where and when in history met the Star of David, as each culture necessarily used it in the writings, amulets or engraving on the structure.

Image symbol in different cultures

Quite often, the different symbols of religion, in essence, are the same, but are represented in different ways.Thus, Kabbalists draw a hexagram in the form of two triangles of black and white.They embody the spirit and matter.A value of individual lines or hexagon formed centrally available.

more culture Kabbalists found similar characters - six-pointed star drawn in the form of a snake that swallows its own tail.The image is inside the circle.In this case, the symbol represents the three deities and eternity of their reign.Kabbalists in the West cut off the top of the triangle, and they become like the pyramids of Egypt.

In Jewish culture, the perfect image of the hexagram, where the triangles pointing up and down, with one unifying center.There are no additional shades or intersections, taken together, they represent the full picture.Also, there are no definite interpretation of the individual lines, except that of the Jews is a symbol of the Star of David.