3 unsuccessful business decisions

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Mike Smith and Dick Rowe, met in the early 60s of the 20th century for the evaluation of new talent in the London branch of Decca Records.December 13th, 1961 Mike Smith went to Liverpool to see the new group.He decided that the guys are definitely talented, and invited them for an interview in early January 1962.The group arrived in two hours and played 15 different songs.After that, the band members went to his hometown to wait for a response.

They waited for a few weeks, after which Rowe said that Decca Records is not interested in these artists, because the time has long since passed Guitar Quartet.In addition, the "assessors" saw the similarity of this group with the popular team while The Shadows.

As you might have guessed, a group called The Beatles.After refusing to Decca Records guys we signed a contract with EMI Records, and became extremely popular.

In 1981, representatives of Universal Studios called the Mars Inc.and asked for permission to use his new film, candy M & amp; M's., ieThey offered free advertising of sweets.Owners Mars Inc brothers John and Forrest Mars refused.

films made by Universal Studios, called ET (Extra-Terrestial).Director of the film was ... Steven Spielberg.Instead, the corporation Mars Inc company Universal Studios has signed a contract with Hershey, about their new product Resees Pieses.Home sales of candy was almost a failure, but after the film's release Hershey Company has earned them millions of dollars.

In 1876, the president of the telegraph division of Western Union William Orton addressed the young inventor with a proposal to buy the patent for his invention.

price inventor sought unprecedented at the time - about a hundred thousand dollars.

President refused, calling his invention "commercially unprofitable electrical toy."

young inventor was 29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell and his invention - it is a phone.

As a result, Bell built his own corporation, created its own telephone network, and his company, AT & amp; T, has become one of the most profitable companies in the world.

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