The interpretation of a dream: a dream cheating

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person spends in bed one third of your life, if you deprive him of sleep, he would not live ten days, so a dream for a man as important as food and water.If during the day you have something hurts, you have something you think, still, very often you find a solution to the problem of the dream.And some people can not even see in a dream the near future.Unfortunately or fortunately, this is not given to everyone, but to explain what you have seen symbolically night, you will be a variety of downers.So, let's try to find the next interpretation of the dream: a betrayal.Here are some interpretations

►Kak generally cheating in a dream suggests something negative in real life, for example, a conspiracy or betrayal.If you stand against adultery - a success in business and fulfillment of desires.If not resist - to the difficulties of life.

►Vo dream to see changed - to meet in life great obstacles and difficulties, but it can be turned to their advantage, if they get a loyal and devoted friends.If this change yourself, then you will soon find yourself in a situation where you will have to cheat a loved one.

► your hopes turn to ashes if in a dream you change your loved one with someone familiar.Treason in the dream is not always bad.If you want thrills, then the dream will change in yourself.But in life it is better not to move in order to avoid major trouble.If you're a little to moderate their sexual ambitions and be with your partner more gentle, then you will know the joy of true love.

► Treason in a dream - a family disagreement, and sometimes the dream may even be in your hand.

►If the wife is cheating on her husband - this means that in real life she might lose her husband's affection.If the wife is unfaithful to her husband with a friend - a husband unjustly treated her in real life.If you entice a young man - it portends a global change in your personal life, and sometimes even divorce.If cheating dream girl, then she has to hurt and humiliation.

►izmena dream - a fire.

► If you are not yet married, and in the dream you can see that the change to her husband, so you will have many sexual partners, from which you will have a double feeling of frustration and joy.But you will likely be able to make the right choice and love the person with whom you will be happy.

► If you see a friend or treason in the war - then someone calls you trust, and, most likely, not unreasonably.

►Izmena dream: If you have been dreaming of change - all your sorrow over, and commit treason - your anxiety will become even greater.

► If you change a husband or a loved one, it means that in reality he too often thinks about it.And if you change it - it means loyalty in love relationships.

►Vo dream to see changed - to changes in the quiet life of the dreamer.If a man dreams of a betrayal, so he did not want to put up with the circumstances, and he feels that the promise given to you, do not come true.For women, a dream can mean fatigue from everyday worries and the desire to change, sometimes even resentment at his sexual partner.Sometimes the dream means that there have been some changes in his personal life, and you do not notice.

► according to Freud, if you dream of cheating, you're likely to change in real life.Not necessarily physically, enough for even thinking about change.In fact, commit treason, you just poison the lives of yourself and your loved one.If you dream that changes a loved one, you probably often think about it or suspect him of infidelity.Better a frank conversation psychologists until nothing came up.

Scientists have found that people very quickly forget their dreams somewhere in 5-10 minutes after waking, sleeping quarters, night's dream, already forgotten.If you had a bad, or a bad dream, to think less of him, and he will soon be forgotten.