How to insert a button on the laptop?

Mobile PCs we constantly use in our daily lives.It keypad - this is the part of the device that receives the most mechanical stress.

most common causes of breakdowns

keypad on your mobile PC has approximately the same structure, as well as on a personal computer.She, like any device is very sensitive to all sorts of dirt, animal hair, crumbs, and especially the liquid spilled on it.After a certain time using the keyboard button on a mobile PC fail, or simply fall off.

also cause damage to the buttons on a mobile PC can be simply banal cleaning the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.Or a small child might accidentally tear down.Also, the reason for this failure could be pets that live with you.This also occurs quite frequently.But do not just carry the laptop in for repair.Very often you can do everything yourself.

Build button

Before you consider how to insert a button on the laptop, you need to know its structure and features of attachment.

button consists of a face key mechanism for its retention and spring element, by which it can be raised and lowered.Also, there is a special film with platforms and walkways.

mount consists of two parts.These two parts are bonded to each other in the center of the small "antennae."They come out of the inner part and are inserted into mounting grooves in the outer part.With this design, they can be moved by clicking on them.By the opposite sides of the button itself is mounted.

general recommendations on how to insert a button on the laptop there, as there are many well-known brands, producing a keyboard.However, we consider general principles that can be used in most cases.

consider how to insert the button on the laptop

If your mobile PC had the button, no need to panic.In many cases the problem can be solved independently.At home, too, can solve the problem of how to insert the key into the laptop.It's enough to carry a simple clip.Before you insert a button on the laptop to replace it, you need to remove the old item from the keyboard.Using the buttons on a mobile PC requires great care, since they are more flat and with strong pressure may damage.Removing the element occurs so.It is necessary to straighten a paper clip in a straight line and thread the keys under the lower platform.Now we need to pull it over, and the key come off from its base.

now look at how to insert a button on the laptop, provided that all the "antennae", located on the "rocker" and grooves are not damaged.It's the easiest way.To do this, you need to install the button in the top position on the base at the required fastening.Once it is in place, you need to press gently flatten.

should be noted that it is not necessary to use force when installing the keys.Any press should be performed smoothly and easily.

After installation you need to carefully check the attachment replaced keys.When buying new keys need to clarify whether they are suited to your laptop model.If you need to change a few details, it is better to do it gradually.In order not to confuse the location on the keyboard.

before inserting a button on the laptop, you must look closely to plastic mount, which is located below the button, it is in place.Immediately it may seem that everything is very difficult to dock.But in fact, this is not true, because in reality there can be only one correct option.In another way, nothing to install.

How to insert a button large

Let's see how to insert the button on the laptop large.These are the keys do like Space, Tab, Shift, Enter.In addition to "rocker" which is made of plastic, they may also have metallic stabilizer.It is necessary to ensure that key is pressed evenly.On the inner side there are two lugs necessary for mounting on them a stabilizer.Just need to make its ends.Next mustache "rocker" plant in the groove and put the key in his place a little touch on it.

Space keeps several "rocker" and on the stabilizer.A situation may arise that "rocker" can be dismantled.It is easy to assemble, using a needle or toothpick.One side is necessary to get into the groove, and the second set, using a needle.

consider how to insert the button on the laptop, which is made using mounting brackets made of metal instead of plastic swing.There is also a simple mounting.Only it should be noted that such a keyboard would be more noisy.

How to fix a button on a laptop

must be clearly understood that an attempt to repair the key will often only one.This is a must to consider before you put a button on a laptop. Before performing the necessary work should be available such tools:

  1. Needle from a simple syringe.
  2. Cutters knife.
  3. thin soldering iron.
  4. needles.
  5. small gripe.
  6. Clay.
  7. pliers.
  8. lighter.

Put the broken fixture at his workplace.Take a needle and a soldering iron.We are putting a needle to place a broken mustache and see that it came back a few millimeters.Heat to a soldering iron and fused into the mount.An unnecessary portion of the needle bites.Clean off the excess plastic.

consider another option is to put a button on a laptop.Heat the needle and make it lighter slot, which can be placed, for example, villi, or something like.Put it in the groove and glue superglue

How to make a new button

If the button has stopped working, no need to rush just to throw it.Maybe she just sunk down, and it can be put in place.If not, the first button must be carefully considered.If it's just a little cracked, it can be easy to glue with superglue.Only the most important - is that its contact was on the same spot.

If the key can not stick together, we can make it on their own.Here's how to make a button on the laptop yourself.To do this, you must be in possession of an epoxy resin and clay.Plasticine to do the necessary form and fill it with resin.There also need to delete the contact.It must be properly installed.For it to be smooth, it is possible to trim the ordinary sandpaper.So, we figured out how to make a button on the laptop at home.In some cases, it is easier than to attribute a mobile PC repair.

If the button is just fallen

If the button is dropped from the laptop, you need to perform these actions.On the rear side there are slots and tabs.They are "ears rocker."Their purpose - to connect a keyboard button.If you had the key to the "rocker", they must be disconnected.Then set "rocker".It will cover key.They are interconnected grooves which they are located.

So, we figured out how to put a button on a laptop.As you can see, it's not very difficult to do, and in many cases you can solve the problem without resorting to a service center.