Family Perron : the real story told by one of the daughters .What really happened in the house , which tells the movie " Curse "?

Many watched the film "Spell."In the real events that happened in the house of the family of the platform, built the whole story.Small town.Haunted house standing on the outskirts.There dwell family as part of her father and the head of Roger Perron, his wife Carolyn and five young daughters Andrea, Nancy Christine Cindy and Epril.They begin to happen terrible things.Aprons in despair, but then they come to the aid exorcists and simply, fighters spirits and evil spirits.In the US box office were similar films such as "The Amityville Horror," also based on a real case with another American family.Try to understand, could it happen it is, as written in his books, Andrea Perrone, the eldest of the daughters.

Where to look for a house Perron?

Rhode Island, founded back in 1636, the area occupied land is the smallest of all American states.They inhabit it in the turbulent times mostly farmers.The mild climate of the Atlantic coast and the vast expanses of fertile land provided them with decent living.The world-famous thanks to the film "Spell" town Harrisville is located away from any major centers.Even now, it is extremely small.One Ring Road, a few quiet streets, a small lake with three rivulets flowing into it, and just a half thousand people.Here apron and bought a possession.

in the still waters that just is not found

In conventional version Perron House built in 1680, a colonist named John Smith.He built what is said, for centuries.Three hundred years of staid wooden structure, remaining in good condition.In the summer of 1971 his family looked after myself for the platform.The city was called the manor house Arnold.Why not Smith?Apparently, this Arnold managed something to impress the inhabitants of Harrisville.It is believed that in all the years since the construction of the estate owned 8 generations.Whether Smith built a house on a bad spot, or for some other reason, but to its residents consistently had trouble.Arnold himself off the ferry, jumping off the ledge.His wife personally hanged in a barn.It was at that time my grandmother 93.In addition to these two suicides in the house of one man poisoned, two drowned, four died, froze to death, and eleven-year-girl was raped and murdered.Stories of birth and death of all these people can be to try to find in the archival documents Harrisville.Of course, if any.Let's start with Bathsheba Sherman, the spirit which in the movie is the worst.

real witch

The film Perron family, and especially Carolyn suffered from the evil spirit of Bathsheba Sherman.This is not a fictional character, but actually existed.From a variety of sources can be found that Bathsheba became a servant of the devil, sacrificing his young son.She killed him by sticking his head in many pins.This showed the autopsy, but mama-murderer was acquitted for lack of evidence.Then Bathsheba had other children, but the life of each of them lasted only until the age of four.Bathsheba herself committed suicide.According to another version, she died of the disease.The coroner, to record the death, said that her body as if turned to stone.One old resident of Harrisville Perron said that Bathsheba was a rough woman and often beat his servants.

or not a witch?

Bathsheba Thayer was born in 1812.At age 32, she became the lawful wife Dzhudsona Sherman, a young farmer from a very good family.Then, in order to live, we had to work from dawn to dusk that Dzhudson did.His young wife in her husband's absence all farm management took into their own hands.It is likely that she was not feminine and not spineless.But in another way at the time it would hardly have got to keep her house in order.Her son was actually born.In March, the 1849th.Herbert called it.He was the third child in the family.Before that Bathsheba gave birth to daughter Julia in the 1845th, and his son Edward in 1847 th.On the cause of their death is not known just when the next census, these children are not mentioned.In 1953 it Bathsheba gave birth to another son.For whatever reason he died, it is also not known.But Herbert had a long and happy life, married, became a farmer, raised children and grandchildren.Bathsheba herself died in very old age, surviving her dear husband as much as 4 years.She was buried at the central cemetery of the city.Official records about the petrification of her body there.All these facts make us think, as the real story of the family Perrone.Indeed, the main horror film, terrorizing the whole family is not so terrible.

whom were raped in the estate of Arnold?

Perron family moved into the house, where there was a lot of horrible deaths.One of them - the rape and murder of eleven girls.However, in an official document about the death of Prudence Arnold clearly written that she was killed in the town of Uxbridge, not in Harrisville.The name of her killer, too, there is some discrepancy.Thus, the name refers to Andrea Parron Bill Norton, and forensic writ initials WEKAll data on the deaths that have occurred in the home, Andrea learned from Black Book Harrisville, is a public document, which contains all the events of the city.She produced this amazing book by the man who called himself John Smith!It is noteworthy that before becoming an estate Arnold house called House of Richardson, on behalf of the people who built it.About colonist John Smith no data.

What was the estate of Arnold, and what is it now?

Some sources report that the house, which had bought the family Perrone, was built in 1736 by some Dexter Richardson.At first it was a small wooden structure, but in later years he was repeatedly rebuilt, added rooms strengthened, changed appearance.As it is very easy to believe, because if built so many years have passed.Now the house owned by Norma and Jerry Nelfrich.They never saw the horrors, writes about in his book, Andrea Perrone, I never felt fear.However, some of the paranormal in the house still occur.So, Norma told me that sometimes she hears voices, like children.Often in the house slammed the door, trembling furniture.Jerry noticed a few times indoors bluish mist.


In the film "Spell" are taken to help the family Perrone Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine.These two characters are absolutely real.Edward was born in 1926.During the Second World War was a naval officer.He later became a demonology, published a number of books, lectured.Lorraine had psychic abilities, clairvoyance involved.With her husband, they investigated a number of cases where people are faced with the paranormal.They even created a museum which displays objects somehow related to their investigations.The sad story of the family Perrone has become known to them by a friend.Warrens worked in their home more than a year and were subsequently consultants when making the film.

where the soul flies suicide?

that man has a soul, no one doubts.Where she had gone after death, no one knows.Some say it falls into a parallel world, while others believe in heaven and hell, and others, that the souls are in our world, but on a different level from us and come to visit.Psychics believe that the souls of suicides remain in the act of committing suicide.The man himself dies under load, as it seems, intractable problems.He believes that death - is a way out.But when the transition to the other world are moments, most suicides passionately wants to return everything.It is in this fraction of the time there is a powerful release of energy of despair and grief, which holds the unfortunate soul in this world.They have thousands of times experienced his suicide and suffer enormously.Living people in the act of committing suicide suffer inexplicable fear, anxiety or sometimes pain, sometimes despair or sadness.It is believed that the souls of suicides feed on these feelings in order to reduce their own suffering.If someone comes from living in contact with him, the souls begin to affect it.Perron family moved in just such a place.

What metrvye get up with the living?

Besides shower suicides tied to the site may be the soul of those brutally murdered.Psychics believe that the pain and fear experienced by the victim at the moment of dying, are for her soul as if the energy cell.Some unfortunate souls have not moved into the world of the dead, behave calmly, do not interfere with the living, but just watching them.Most experiencing excessive burden of suffering, begin to hate the living, because they are alive, because nothing can not help, because ignore their presence.Then these evil souls with the help of telekinesis or different sounds begin to attract attention.Fear of living that occurs when a moving object or from different rustles, brings joy to the dead and makes them stronger.It is believed that they are able to even kill the living.From these evil souls suffered Perron family.The real story (photos taken at home, confirmed the presence of foreign energy) showed once again - you can not dismiss the fact that the official science can not prove yet.

So what really happened in the estate of Arnold?

Summing up, we can say that the house Perron did occur some paranormal phenomena associated with death there occurred the previous inhabitants.Of course, not everything that we see in the movie took place in reality.So, there are no documents confirming that Bathsheba Sherman was a witch.Also, there is no evidence some killings allegedly happened in the house.Yes, and the house in the movie is different from the present, in which lived the platform.However, Ed Warren Lorraine really worked there more than a year.It is not known, it is possible to have something to do or not, but during the filming Carolyn had an accident - she broke her hip.And when the daughter Perron gave interviews, got the strongest wind.Perhaps they avenged the evil soul.But all this may be a coincidence.