If you are fired for sexual harassment

Subject harascmenta though associated primarily with the "nuts Americans', but is relevant here.1 of 12 Russian employees faced with harassment at work.

broad resonance in the West caused a 22-year history of the employee of an advertising agency in St. Petersburg.47-year-old boss refused to let her into the office after she refused to join him in a sexual relationship.The judge refused to satisfy the claim of the victim, saying: "If men did not stick to the women, the children and would have not been born."

According to a recent joint research agency Ipsos and Reuters, 8% of Russian employees face at work sexual harassment, or in other words, harassment (a term that came to us from the western practice).However, unlike in many Western countries, domestic legislation does not define sexual harassment.For example, in the US the term "harassment" related not only to sexual coercion and blackmail, but with jokes, flirting, touching, in svistyvaniyami.You will find the chapter on harassment in almost every employment contract.

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Despite the lack of high-profile cases in Russia and the gaps in the law, there is a problem."Work" will tell you how to behave at the interview if a previous job you had to resign because of sexual harassment superiors.

«I still feel ashamed to think of his former boss - says Natalya S. Personal Assistant - By the second week of my work, he began to dismiss his hands and stick with explicit proposals.I, of course, refuses, barely suppressing harsh words - still the chief. "Over time, the chef realized that the girl would not proc, and even the fear of layoffs will not make it to make concessions."Then began carping from scratch, - says Natalya.- It's like he decided to survive me out of the company: constantly berated and criticized, gave intolerable order.I cried, suffered, but finally broke down and wrote a letter of resignation.We are actively looking for work.I would like everything in the world to talk about with what I had to serve as a scoundrel. "

Shut up, hide and Thai

Unlike in the West, the Russian media the issue of harassment does not cause such violent emotions - most people believe the problem far-fetched.We can not imagine a situation that happened in America, where the employee called the police, accusing his Belgian counterpart that he came too close to her at the time of the call.And even if the workplace is more serious things happen, they decided to keep quiet.

That is why experts advise to hide the real reason for the interview you left a previous job and certainly not to raise the subject itself.Firstly, you acknowledge that you were involved in evil story than spoil his reputation, and secondly, it is likely that your words will decipher the principle of "smoke without fire", and even reproach himself in forwardness.

«Such an explanation on the new site will accept cautiously - says CEO of" Axima: Consult "Elena Skriptunova.- I do not see any reason to talk about what happened.We must always ask ourselves: why I say what I want to achieve?Inappropriate?In addition, as the employee can prove the absolute guilt harasser?Perhaps, on the contrary: the victim showed interest and became a source of tension in the team. "

«On previous employers - as of the dead, either good or nothing - confirms the head of the career counseling center" Humanitarian technologies "Anna Mukhina.- This is not confessional and reception at the psychologist.Interview - an event with specific rules.You have come to show off with the good side.It should not mention the conflict: what would you say and no matter how reasoned - everything will be interpreted in the negative if only because the competitor in terms of interviewer did not bother to properly prepare for the interview and read the recommendations about what not speakshould be. "

Try not to mention the history that occurred with you if there is any opportunity to do it again.Experts advise to come up with a different reason for leaving the last place - of course, as close as possible to the real: the lack of career prospects, an unsatisfactory salary discrepancy between the contents of the work own interest (you are a generator of ideas, and you were given the chore), inconvenient schedule, moving companyto another office (as an option - move your own), and so on. d. "In the end, you can choose the wording" is not a relationship "- advises Elena Skriptunova.- It's quite streamlined phrase, besides your words can truly be called true.Say what you have with the boss had different values ​​and views, different approaches to the organization of work and the principles of corporate behavior. "

Focus on the achievements made in the abandoned company.Explain what happened conflict help you prioritize and figure out what you want to get away from work.Try to convince the employer that you have received a lesson and next time will know what to do in case of a disagreement with management.

No details

If you still can not avoid the conversation, tell me what happened, without details, and the details, try to fit the explanation in a few sentences: "Yes, you're right, I had a certain conflict with the former leader.His demands went beyond my job, which I could not (could not) accept.The situation became more tense, and I chose to resign. "The applicant, too eager to prove his innocence, will be perceived with apprehension.

Rehearse exposure.Speak calmly and confidently - it inspires confidence.If a person begins to make excuses, fidgeting, facial expressions and gestures to show that he was afraid and feel insecure recruiter interpret this behavior as an attempt to hide his guilt.

Professional advice helps insure, but often the outcome of the interview depends on personal likes recruiter."I came to settle in the company marketer, - says Irina T. - Interview conducted boss HR - pleasant woman of 40 years in appearance.The conversation was formed just fine: it turned out that we come from the same town and even graduated from the same university and faculty.We immediately began to discuss mutual friends and former teachers.When Alain (the name of the personnel officer) asked me why I was fired from his last job, I told the truth, worked in the men's team, employees are constantly released slippery jokes and brazenly molested.She recommended me to the head of the department, and I was advised to remain silent about the true reasons for leaving: said, it is unlikely to enjoy the future leaders.I passed the second stage of the interview and got the position. "

Slippery recommendations

believed that a woman is easier to open up to another woman and a man will perceive the word of the victim of sexual cautious: who knows, maybe she provokes such behavior and then accuses.This is not quite true."It is impossible to predict, react positively or negatively to the recruiter your words - says Anna Mukhina.- It can be painful to treat your sincerity.Unfortunately, a professional in this position, you can not name everyone, and many personnel people perceive the work simply as an opportunity to show their power. "

Chances are good that you will be asked to provide advice.Warn recruiter that the former head of the (if it was he who acted as a seducer) have not developed friendly relations, so you are likely to assume that his opinions will not be objective.Give the coordinates of the people in the positive comments that will be sure to - first of all it is the leaders of related departments and deputy your former boss.You can also offer to make the interviewer calls in the company, where he worked until the last device in the place of work.It is unlikely that one negative review will erase all of your past accomplishments.

hard to imagine that the interviewer will call your former boss and wonder whether or not you were involved in a sexual scandal.Recruiter never put himself in an awkward situation, and seducer never admit his guilt.

turns out that the touchy subject of harassment automatically becomes a kind of salutary taboo for which you can hide all the ugly facts of past career biography.Once the truth is still impossible to dig, perhaps easier to tell the recruiter that you are a victim of abuse, than to admit that in fact you were fired because you filled up the project?

Actually mysterious aura of noble sacrifice sexual harassment is not so profitable as it might seem."The man mentions harassment, generates a negative relationship to itself, - says Elena Skriptunova.- And if he is lying about it, it's even worse.It's just a stupid lie that it spoils the image. "So if you actually nothing happened, do not offend God and voluntarily to mix themselves in a dubious history.

«We'll have to provide proof to the court of blackmail" As such, the notion of "harassment" or the like in the Russian legislation does not.How to protect yourself legally, "Trud" said the lawyer, an expert on labor and arbitration disputes Paul Lambrou.

In my opinion, sexual harassment in the workplace are a significant problem.Sexual integrity of citizens is regulated by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.Citizens who have reached the age of majority, have the right to sexual freedom, and no one can break this freedom against their will.In accordance with Article 133 of the Criminal Code to compel a person to sexual intercourse or other acts of a sexual nature using blackmail, the threat of destruction, damage or remove property or using material or other dependence of the victim shall be punished by a fine, or correctional labor for up to two years, or imprisonmentfor up to one year.

joke or flirting to the employee within the scope of human morality and ethics, and the law do not apply here.If the employer declines to have sexual relations, threatening to non-payment of wages, his actions violate labor laws, and blackmail in the trial will be to him as an aggravating circumstance.

If the employer declines to have sexual acts by threatening to blackmail of any kind, talk to him and explain that his actions are illegal.In case of continued harassment contact the prosecutor's office, specifying the circumstances arose.It is important to show that these threats really took place, Be ready to provide correspondence, voice records or testimony.

sexual harassment exposed :

26% of workers in India, 18% of workers in China 16% of workers in Saudi Arabia, 13% of workers in Mexico 10% of workers in South Africa, 9% of workers in Italy, 8% of workers in Brazil, Russia, the United States 3% of workers in Sweden, France Source: joint research Ipsos and Reuters

Molestation and punishment

Unlike St. Petersburg judge, which is not seen in the harassment of the employer nothing wrong in the world are constant sensational cases of harassment.Sometimes its victims become millionaires.

18 million for the pestering

Network American supermarkets The Vons Companies had to pay $ 18 million. His former employee, James Stevens.48-year-old Stevens worked in the company 25 years, but was fired because of the complaints of women managers: according to him, it is all sorts of ways coveted him sexually.California court took into account all the details.

President is also a man

In 2007, President Moshe Katsav was forced to resign after a sex scandal.The ex-employee of the Office of the President Katsav accused of harassment.It later emerged that the head of state of the harassment suffered far more people: the trial testimony against the president gave up seven women who said that in the past have been victims of his abuse or rape.

10 years of patience Briton Christine Rich, who worked in the Australian branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers, has made compensation of 2 million. Pounds for harassment based on sex.According to Rich, she had to endure more than 10 years of harassment by male staff.

hard labor for a kiss

In 2008, the first time a Chinese court has punished a man for harassment in the workplace.HR Manager from Chengdu City, was sentenced to five months' hard labor.The clerk tried to seduce a new employee, and after the failure of forcibly kissed her.The staff called the police.

trade union corruption

Mi Sanders, an employee of the company Chrysler, received compensation in the amount of 300 thousand dollars.The payment amount was the duty of the local branch of the trade union of workers of the automotive industry that the organization failed to protect her from sexual harassment by his representative.

Molestation plus corruption Waitresses "McDonald's" 550,000 dollars sued for sexual harassment chief.He liked to stick to the very young waitresses, one of them was only 14 years old.

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Articles Source: trud.ru