What if the laptop is not included?

For some people, a laptop - a necessary thing so that when it is not included, they have a sense of hopelessness.If you turn on the laptop, and he gives no sign of life, do not rush to panic.In this article, we will discuss what can be done in the event of such a trouble.

all laptop problems fall into two categories: hardware and software.The first can be solved at once, without getting up from his chair.These include problems with the software, operating system and BIOS.If there is a second, it needs repairs.

So what if the laptop is not included?Below we describe the most common problems and how to tell you about their diagnosis.

not included (no sign of life)

In most cases, this is the problem with food.Check the tightness of the contact and the outlet has power.Normally, on a laptop and the adapter is lighting that burn if there is no damage.The most common problem in the power supply that operates defective (no contact in the connector, kinked or broken wire).Find out at what point the power is lost.

to the future no difficulties with the power connector, first insert the plug into the laptop, and then the power cord.On the contrary should not do it, because when you connect the plug will appear spark spoiling contacts.

If the power supply connectors and everything is in order, but the laptop still will not turn on, check the battery.Remove the battery and turn on the device without it.If this does not work, Bring a laptop to a service center.

screen does not work, but heard the noise of the fans

Look to the monitor may simply not work lights.Replace your laptop hotkeys to quickly activate it and click them.But in order to verify what the problem is - in screen or laptop, you will need an external monitor.Connect its cable to the VGA-out.If the picture is there, then the problem is in the screen of the laptop.It is possible that burned matrix.In this case, will have to take the device to the service center, where exactly know what to do if the laptop is not included.

Sometimes the trouble is a discrete graphics card.This particularly applies to laptops, which often play.Because of pollution, poor cooling and misuse of card overheats and burns out.To avoid this, do not play with a laptop on his stomach, on his knees, in all positions in which the vents are blocked.And be sure to use a cooling pad.

When the laptop is turned off and is not included

In this case, after a while you can try to turn on the device.With a probability of 90% is the overheating of the CPU.It is necessary to clean the cooling system.After that, be sure to check thermo system at maximum load.This test will determine how functional Heat-radiators.In the case of defective parts must be replaced, otherwise burn CPU or Northbridge.Then the repair will cost much more.

shuts down or restarts

Even before loading the operating system to reboot can permanently laptop.This is a hardware problem.Most likely, there was a short in the south bridge - it is overheated.This can happen because of the breakdown via USB.Another reason - CPU overheating due to poor fit radiator or excess dust in the cooler.But this seldom happens, and if it happens, it is a clear sign - high fan speed.This laptop can reboot or shut down at different points.If you have poor nutrition or lack of the device is turned on, but the screen goes out quickly because of a dead battery.

hangs screensaver showing

above described situation where the laptop is no longer included.And what to do if it freezes?You may receive start-up image or some text.Then nothing happens, laptop writes error or squeaks.This is most likely a problem with the BIOS.We must enter into it, and reset.In various versions of the item can be in different places, but it is called the same way and contains the keyword defaults.Then save the settings (save) and quit (exit).Note that the system may report an error, but further loading is possible.You just have to press F1.Typically, this occurs when the battery has on the motherboard.At the same time slipping the BIOS settings and time.It must be replaced (either alone or in the service center).

Or consider a situation when after updating the laptop will not turn on or freezes.It will reinstall the system.It is better to disable automatic updates and select from them, only those who really need them.

What if the laptop is not turned on (or rather, not boot) after you use the above tips?Then, the problem may be due to RAM or hard drive.And this is much more serious.Some models of laptops access to RAM is not closed.It is necessary to remove the strap and gently clean the contacts.The problem with the hard drive can be diagnosed by its clicks during transmission.

not loaded from disk

This may signal the inscription on the screen in English.For example, Error loading operating system or something like that.For a start, disconnect all external devices (flash drives, disks, etc.).Then reboot.If that fails, then it is either a software or hardware problem hard drive.The first can be solved, contact the service center, where exactly know what to do if the laptop is not included.Second - reinstall the operating system.


So what if you do not turn on the laptop?The reasons may be different.To get started is to consider at what point this happened.That is what recent actions could result in damage.If it was a long game, probably overheated graphics card or other notebook chipsets.Here we need a qualified repair.If you install any program, and then reboot the laptop does not turn on, it is the operating system error.

most common problems and ways of their diagnosis have been described in the article.And finally: do not make hasty conclusions and disassemble the laptop without proper knowledge.