Program for editing scanned documents: Which is better?

In the course of the documentation and databases there are many significant problems.And we are not talking about a lot of mistakes that can be found in the documents require for this to create a new file with corrections, but in simple human laziness.In principle, laziness has always been the engine of progress, because people always want to do everything faster, get rid of unnecessary worries, and so it was possible to relax as much as possible, to do the work of more and qualitatively.In this case the issue is the fact that many of the documents for the full entering into any database or shared registry require typing in a new way, and it starts to not only tire but also annoying.For such a case there is a scanner and software for editing scanned documents.

What does a scanner?

Overall, the scanner - a device that moves the text from a printed document (newspaper, magazine, book, and so on. D.) To a computer, it does so in the form of images.Some devices have special programs that control the scanning process, while there is even the possibility to choose the format in which the source is converted.In the standard case, it's actually just a snapshot of a document editing is not possible due to the fact that the characters can not be recognized.

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What can be done then

you can freely control the receipt of the document editing and modifying all or part of the text as a whole, only if you use a specialized program to edit scanned documents.These utilities are engaged in image recognition and translates them into text that can be processed and edited.There are many programs of this type, and each of them has its own nuances.

good old ABBYY FineReader

Perhaps the most common software for editing scanned documents with the proud name of ABBYY FineReader - it's the whole package editor, which allows you to make all sorts of manipulation with the scanned image.High result of the work achieved by the fact that the program can recognize the document of any quality (even if you just made a photo on a mobile phone), as well as because of the possibility of recognition of multi-level files that contain tables, figures, and other small parts.In the course of recognition, you can specify a language that helps ABBYY FineReader select the correct character comparison, so the program displays the text with the fewest errors.

Among other things, this editor copes with documents of PDF.Thus, if you have a file in that format, the editing of scanned PDF documents will take place quickly and easily.Himself an external interface is intuitive and requires no extra skills, such availability to the user of any level and its impact on the popularization.Even after recognition, you can compare the result and correct the flaws committed by the program directly in the menu editor.The very same result is stored as a separate document, which you can modify as you wish.

Stealth working with PDF-file

Edit scanned documents - it is monotonous, and if the source code is a PDF-File, here has its stealth.The fact that the editor type FineReader is very good in this regard, but its cost is often pushes the user and makes us look counterparts.Therefore, there are a number of separate utilities that allow for highly specialized work, aimed at PDF-format files.

PDFill PDF Tools

PDFill PDF Tools - a free program to edit scanned documents with the extension PDF.It contains a number of additional options such as a union or separation documents, editing or complete removal of the contents, converting PDF-file in the image and vice versa.You could also create lists, edit embedded images, align text, and many other settings that are familiar to any user of the package Microsoft Word or its analogs.This program is absolutely free and is designed for any level of use (private, corporate, and so on. D.).The interface is, of course, is not the most friendly, but the feature set and all the fixings it makes up for with a vengeance.That's only Russian-language menu yet, so if the English did not work, have to tinker with the dictionary.

Free PDF Editor

Another free utility that allows you to edit PDF-files.There is more intuitive and user-friendly interface.And the program is supported by many operating systems, the only negative is that the finished document can not be edited.But it is possible to scan directly into the program, and even then working at full speed.However, the need to tinker with the creation of a virtual printer, as otherwise such a program to edit scanned documents are simply not going to work.


If you go back and talk about the free analogue FineReader, there is a program for editing documents doc called OCR Form.Suffice it a useful tool, especially if you had to work with multiple languages ​​(in the presence of the support of over 20 most widely spoken languages).She copes with printing documents or of poor quality, but as handwriting, everything is not so smooth.Of course, to recognize such text OCR can, but the quality of the recognition is poor.As for the appearance, here it the envy of many editors - all very simple: open the file and scan, and then save it to a suitable format - and that's that.Popularity utility with the ability to self-earned, so-called adaptive recognition system that will allow for recognition of better and better with each new request.

Another family of OCR

Edit scanned documents - laborious exercise, it is not surprising that a good result for some users look for other methods.In such cases, it is possible to use another utility - SimpleOCR.As the name suggests, it is an application that is similar to the previous - OCR, but in a more simplified and perfect form.Here you have the option to manually add words by built-in editor, the ability to edit text directly in the utility, as well as work with the whole data packets (you can upload multiple files to be recognized).But appearances may be slightly confusing, there could have read a little about the program and how it works.Otherwise, instead of a great editor, you can get a useless program to edit scanned documents that take up space on your computer.

If the document - the picture?

Sometimes when you spend editing of scanned documents jpg-format, there is a need to allocate no text, namely a picture (diagram, tables, graphs, etc.).And here is a completely different question.After all, with OCR problem is posed quite differently.Now we need to recognize not just the image, but also to bring it into an aesthetic appearance.For example, if the scan circuit from the book, it will be seen prints ink from other sheets.To get rid of these "interference" should resort to using a graphical editor.

One of these may be the good old Paint, but in a world ruled by technological advances, the primary position in this matter given the good old a Photoshop because it's faster and more convenient.Edit scanned documents in "Photoshop" allows you to get rid of stains and "dirt" to change the color pattern, vary their brightness and contrast using a set of filters.Besides lessons in how to do this or that operation, abound, so do not need to be a "genius" Photoshop "" enough to want.

There are plenty of other editors that you can use, also excellent analogues can be online tools that allow you to recognize scanned text, without engaging in the selection of any other specialized software.In general, any program to edit scanned documents has the right to life and the fact that you appreciated it.