What is fear?

our entire adult life fear is an integral part.Paradoxically, but it is believed that a person's life, the most terrible thing - it's fear.He relentlessly as stubborn inevitability absorbs habitual existence and sticky fingers envelops your body and soul.

Fear hinders life, changing it beyond recognition.Our actions often led by the fear as the most exalted and lowlands.Few who are able to recognize your own, but in vain.You can not imagine how many different fears, you carry yourself with this baggage, which changes the quality of your life for the better, you walk through life.

Why are we afraid of?Where fear penetrates into our lives?

fact that this emotion is inherent in us originally.We get a sense of fear at birth.Sense natural fear, in other words animal fear arises when a real risk.Chopped - hurt, I'll be careful with the knife, bitten by a dog - no longer will it climb.

Unfortunately, in addition to the natural fear inherent in the nature of our survival instinct each of us as a man of understanding and ability to think is still far-fetched fear.Even without assuming the final result of our actions, we are afraid.

For example: you hand over tomorrow the first exam at the university.Begins to paint pictures in the imagination itself, the other one worse.What if I can not, and suddenly I expose myself to ridicule, and suddenly comes my way ticket, which I have not taught, etc.As the body runs a nasty chill begins jitters.You feel a sense of fear of what did not happen.So much for the imagination.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that one of things we are afraid of, as already experienced with them and know the consequences of this unfavorable contact, while others simply feel terrible.

Whatever the nature of fear, it can be divided into two categories:

1. Fear of self-preservation. quite naturally: "I will not be there to climb and then wring his neck."This fear for their lives, the lives of their children, relatives and friends, for the people to expose themselves to danger, but for humanity as a whole.This is a normal condition that makes us human, not a soulless machine.And absolutely absurd, "Come, my grandson, I'm an apple soap will wash that microbes became less."

2. Social Anxiety. This kind of fear from the category of the most stupid and senseless.Naturally, it can not be called unreasonable, but more often it is far-fetched, and rooted in a deep childhood.With this fear can be and must be fought because it poisons our existence and prevents to live a full life.

Here, for example:

- fear of punishment. Once there was a little girl, who at one point something has angered parents and they locked her in a closet for the purpose of education.She was scared and hurt.It's a shame injustice and helplessness, because it can prove an adult, they are intelligent and all-powerful ... As a result - it grew quiet, withdrawn and unhappy in my heart forever settled the fear of being punished.

- fear of recognition. Looking for a bright and beautiful young woman can not say that she is afraid of something.It seems that it is always striving to get the attention, recognition and admiration.However, internally, it rejects all praise to his address, they would have broken about her break into a thousand pieces."I'm not worthy."And why?Because when she recited a poem in my childhood parents, my mother replied casually about her abilities.That is to say, my mother made fun of the fact that the child is put in the soul.Now, after years, she is afraid of any manifestation of itself.

- Fear confidence. Trust - this is a very fragile and delicate thing, which is undermining the once, you can never get it back.Frustration when you do not take seriously, and do not believe you, fear of ridicule, accusations of ignoring.After all, not having received the support of loved ones, the child becomes their fear face to face.No longer trusting parents, and he does not trust the others.With age, a habit to keep a sense, buried dreams, hidden feelings, keep the soul locked up so no one can get hurt.

fueling their fears, we are deprived of sincerity, openness and trust, everything that makes our life full and interesting.All our existence is to preserve the mask, worn when he was a child because of certain circumstances.We are afraid of change, and thus miss the chance to improve their lives.

Despite the fact that the root of the evil buried in childhood, when we were faced with the frightening reality, and were exposed to it, as adults, we can go back to the beginning and help yourself.And not by a rational explanation, persuasion or denial - it is useless.Instead, acknowledge their fear, his power and greatness.Learn to live with it.Perceive it seriously, and then you will be able to be free.

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