Luvaglio - is the most expensive laptop in the world

In 2007, the London firm Luvaglio released a notebook with the same name.According to official figures, the cost of this invention was 1 million. Dollars.Mobile PCs luxury surprised a lot of people from different countries and has quickly gained the title of "most expensive laptop in the world."

Features Luvaglio

main advantages of mobile PC - the ability to use it anywhere due to the built-in battery battery type.Not long ago, laptops were considered expensive devices, while their sales have not acquired a mass character.

Today, a simple laptop can be purchased for $ 300.This cost is comparable with the prices PC fixed.

Recently, manufacturers are increasingly producing exclusive models of devices that allow them to identify the owner of "the crowd" and add a touch of luxury to everyday life.

Luvaglio company decided to invent the most expensive laptop in the world.And she is perfectly turned out.British scientists have created a luxury device, decorating it with a keyboard and precious stones and real gold.Housing exclusive PC made of wood.Start key is gold plated and decorated a large diamond of the highest quality.


high price laptop Luvaglio caused costly materials from which it is made.The most valuable types of wood, and with elements of real gold diamonds together with the technical capabilities of the model form a stunning price - 1 million. Dollars.

exclusive model, but can not claim the title of "the best laptop in the world."Features Luvaglio not impressive "advanced" users.The manufacturer offers a laptop with a self-cleaning 17-inch screen with anti-reflection coating, a hard disk of 128 GB drive, writing Blu-ray.

But the firm promises potential customers that the PCs will be able to modify the exclusive electronic circuits, update, and will operate in the best laptop.The most expensive laptop in the world equipped with a luxury bag, which has an exclusive design for storage and transportation models.

categories of buyers Luvaglio

Everyone when choosing a laptop draws attention to certain aspects of the device.For some very important technical characteristics of the PC, others are after the most fashionable and exclusive models.

Luvaglio - the most expensive laptop in the world - is designed for a specific category of buyers.These are people who have sufficient status and want to underline its refined precious things.Therefore, an exclusive laptop attracts influential businessmen, the oligarchs and politicians from around the world.PCs luxury designed for the most demanding customers.

TOP most expensive laptop in the world

Analysts believe that the current era - the time of release the most powerful and expensive mobile PCs.After all, modern man is interested not only in the technical characteristics of the device but also its image.

identify the most expensive laptop in the world, are different capacity, technical capabilities and unique design.

  • Rock's Xtreme SL 8 - 17-inch display, dual-core processor, two graphics cards and OP 8 GB (average price - $ 5000).
  • Voodoo Envy H: 171 - 17-inch screen, a processor of the brand Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800, OP 4 GB card reader (7 in 1).The laptop is available in 20 different colors (average price - $ 8500).
  • Ego For Bentley - luxury PCs with a unique design.The case has a leather design and white gold plating.Notebook adorned with diamonds.
  • Tulip E -Go Diamond - exclusive notebook that is particularly popular with women.Appearance resembles the lady's handbag - rounded handles with a chrome-plated housing with diamonds made of genuine leather.PC has a 12 inch display and 2 GB of OP (the average price - 355 000 $).