Analysis of Krylov's fable "convoy": a product that is relevant to the modern world

How many times have we wondered rhymed stories of Ivan Krylov!At school age, many of us simply admired his ability to draw an analogy with the animal people, and by the example of his fables, easily assimilated vital truth.This author shamelessly be called a connoisseur of human souls, because it is able to tell people at their most vicious acts, that gives us an opportunity to look at ourselves and make certain conclusions.Analysis of Krylov's fable "Convoy" as an example of such an animal, like a horse, show us a few bad human qualities.What is it for?Perhaps, in order to prioritize and evaluate some life situations.

«Convoy» Krylov - summary

This fascinating story is based on the story, where a few people using the horses are transported on carts large clay pots.Leading the convoy was an experienced old horse, who knew what to do in difficult situations, and strode confidently behind a young horse.

analysis fable "Convoy" is best done in the main part of the work, which begins with a conversation a young horse before a steep descent.She begins to condemn the experienced horse because he was too slow trudges down and tell the other participants in the journey that will go down much faster, but at a time when it's her turn to overcome a difficult part of the way, the horse can not cope with this task, andknocks over a cart, in which the hosts are split all carried pots.

analysis of Krylov's fable "The convoy»

famous fabulist did not even know that perfectly conveyed in the story set out the current situation on the roads.Fable "Convoy" Krylov original way shows the behavior of some participants in the movement, who always dissatisfied with the manner of driving of others.The monologue of a young horse slip phrases typical of modern motorist, and yet it's worth noting that in times of beingness Ivan Andreyevich was present as time coach transport ... The analysis of Krylov's fable "convoy", it seems that the author ridiculed eager lackeys,who ruled the cavalry.Really on the roads of our country in the 18th century it had a similar situation today?You never know.

Moral works

Fables by Ivan Krylov beautiful that everyone sees them as his morality.However, the author himself is traditionally given at the end of each poem a couple of quatrains in which a final thesis focused, concentrate a basic sense of fable.

«convoy" on the example of arrogant horse shows us people who do not understand the one subject or have too little experience to perform actions taken criticize those who they think is doing wrong.Many of you may have encountered with this type of people, communication with them often comes down to the fact that to meet them on their path of life then we do not want.Krylov surprisingly able to beat the human vices, which, after reading his fables we become even more noticeable.