How do you know how many calories are in an egg

most used and needed in the human diet is the egg.It has not only its beneficial qualities, but also significantly improves the taste of any food in which the ingredient is added.The diet used unfertilized eggs of birds - chickens, quail, geese, ostriches, etc.Not to be mistaken with a choice of eggs for cooking, to properly determine its freshness.

Fresh eggs can determine a good density of its protein, the yolk color of which depends on the feed and laying season.In addition the freshness of the product can be determined, chatted him in the case when the internal contents can be easily moved, the egg is stale and is not suitable for human consumption, on the contrary, it can cause a lot of trouble to lead to very serious illness.

for cooking of eggs used different heat treatment, because it is changing and calorie content of the product.How many calories in an egg?For example fried egg contains the highest number of calories - about one hundred and twenty-five and even if it is fried in oil, the caloric content of food increases significantly.When frying, only without the yolk, then there is no chance to add to his precious figure unnecessary centimeters.

boiled egg calories contains fewer - if the product mass of about sixty grams it is approximately the same number of calories.This is much less than in cheese and fried foods.Maximum number of well digestible products contained in the yolk protein is much less blocked.When the question is asked about the number of calories in an egg, the answer usually means the total number - in the albumen and yolk.

Boiled egg protein is absorbed by the human body perfectly and immediately ceases material to create your own protein of the human body, as well as causes the formation of antibodies and so on.This food is perfectly strengthens the immune system and restores power.

Regarding yolk it contains cholesterol, which causes atherosclerosis.Although it should be noted that the composition includes a substance eggs - choline, cholesterol which prevents sticking to the walls of blood vessels.It should be stressed that this product choline is in much greater numbers than other products.

Despite this, though, and a boiled egg is a simple, affordable meal having the above properties, yet need to know the rules of its cooking.

If boil an egg, bought in a store boiled, its calorie is about sixty-calorie units, and now have a home product in calories is about seventy.As to the question of how many calories are in an egg, we have already answered, we shall understand as well as they are distributed between the yolk and white.Typically, more calories are in the yolk, which is three times the caloric content than protein.Furthermore, the yolk protein is considered a receptacle, fats and carbohydrates.As part of the protein is water, glucose, carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and enzymes.

But the biggest is the number of calories in small quail eggs.Quail eggs are a fantastic calorie!One hundred grams of eggs to be about a hundred and sixty-eight units of calories.This product contains much more iron, potassium, and B vitamins than in eggs.

This product is especially useful for children to develop mental abilities.Furthermore, quail eggs virtually can cause allergic reactions.

made by calorie egg dishes should know how many calories are in an egg.In a medium-sized egg contains 60 calories, on average - up to 75, on a very large - 84. Based on this, you can determine its diet, how much and what kind of eggs should be used, how to cook, and so on.