How to filter the water with their hands?

Currently, the issue of water treatment is very serious.Each year, one can observe a situation of increasing demand for cleaning equipment.In particular, we are talking about household water filters.And if before this need only urban residents, today and townships, villages, too, are forced to use such equipment.Let's talk about how to make a water filter with your hands.

Why do you need filtration?

It is hardly necessary to say once again that the water that comes from the central water supply system does not differ a special quality.A number of different inclusions mechanical insoluble compounds etc.harmful effects on our body.One might say that for a well water filter is not needed, and will be completely wrong.The fact that water from a well or a well is also not perfectly clean.Nitrates, pathogens, contaminants, adversely affect the taste quality - all in one way or another may be present.

For example, pesticides used farmers seep into the ground and underground rivers.As a result of this water is in our well.Corrosion on metal structures of the well or wells in the water contributes to the appearance of rust.In any case, it is desirable to have at least a coarse filter for water purification.

Overview of suitable materials

As noted above, water filters, you can make your own hands, and sometimes have to do it.So, as a temporary option suitable paper, gauze or cotton filters.They are very effective, but since it is not too durable, they must be changed frequently.

As for regular use, it is the best option - charcoal.It can be as a buy, and obtained by pyrolysis at home.But by itself it is useless.It is advisable to pack the charcoal layers, alternating with sand, gravel or grass.

It would seem that your regular household cleaning filter for rough water.For the city - yes, it is a good decision.But its use in the country is not always appropriate.This is due to the fact that for its normal operation requires a certain water pressure.Let's see how to do the simplest water filter with your hands.For this we need a minimum of time and effort.

filter from a plastic bottle

If you do not want to keep changing cartridges, you perfect homemade filter.For its production we need a plastic bottle.She is necessary to cut the bottom.After that, take the usual plastic bucket with a lid.She cut a corresponding hole at the neck of the bottle.Then down the bottle cap is inserted into a prepared hole, and is filled with a filter element.In this case charcoal and most ordinary paper napkins.

In general, such a design can be modified indefinitely.Nobody forbids to increase the volume of the container.For example, instead of a bucket to take a 20-liter capacity and on its bottom to attach the tap through which the treated water will be produced.In general, a water filter with your hands to make a very simple and do not need to buy.Now more detail delve into this topic.

homemade charcoal filter

That charcoal is most often used as the primary filter element.For the manufacture of the filter is perfect something like birch.The main thing - do not use conifers.The process of obtaining charcoal is quite simple.Take a blank, put it in a metal container, which is closed by a cover.Calcined for some time hot on the fire and presto, charcoal ready.In principle, it can be used before the end of the black burned-out embers from the fire.They should be of medium size of 1-3 cm.

After cooling, take charcoal and tightly wrapped in gauze.Carefully lay it in the hopper container, which is filled with water, so that all the liquid hit the surface of the filter.This is the easiest and fastest option that can be made in the field, being far away from civilization.But water filter house to be more practical and more reliable.Now let's talk about it.

reliable water filter for cottages and homes

as the main filter element will use the same drevesyny coal.But this time will have to work some more.Take the container to be 20 liters, and its very low cut a small hole for the tap, and then put the seal, and the whole thing sizing.This capacitance is used as a receiver of purified water.The neck of the receiver is necessary to insert a smaller container that will contain the filter.

For this purpose, suitable 10-liter capacity or less.In its simplest form, you can take a flask of 5-10 liters.In principle, the water filter house is almost ready, it remains to determine the filter element.It is best to make a homemade filter cartridge.To do this, take a small piece of plastic pipe of suitable diameter.It must be placed at the junction of the two tar, preferably with interference fit, if necessary it can be fixed.A piece of pipe stuffed with powdered charcoal and fitted by gauze, cotton can be.

About filter performance

After all the design elements were ready, you can start testing.To do this, fill the first batch of water.You'll notice that it contains tiny particles of coal.But it's not scary.This liquid can be sure to drink, but if you do not want, simply drain it.As for how performance will be a water filter for the home or garden, it depends directly from the cartridge.

Than it is thicker, longer, the longer it will pass through water, so - productivity will be lower, but the quality of cleaning up.The best indicator is the same 2-3 liters per hour.You can say that this is quite enough to drink a large family.Moreover, under the filter, you will have installed 20-liter container, which will eventually be filled.

Carbon filters for water purification: reviews

It is worth noting that this kind of structure, we have discussed, have been used for a long time.During this time, home-made filters have become extremely popular and in demand.They are cheap and at the same time as effective as purchased.And the thing that bought the cleaning element has a filter material.Sometimes, of course it used coconut shells, which took pyrolysis, but this fact does not change.

Those who daily use carbon filters, write about what they allow to clean well water from various impurities.In addition, the material can be made to them on their own, so there is no need to spend your own money.Of course, performance is not always happy, but within reasonable limits it can be increased.Carbon filters for water purification, reviews of which we have just considered, it is effective and safe.

water filter can make full trehkolbovy filter for cold water, running water supplied under a certain pressure.For this we need to buy three of the same flask.They must be connected in series, using a pin adapter to ¼ inch.Each pin has a corresponding marking (In / out), which indicates the direction of movement of the carrier.These signs must be adhered to.To avoid leaks joints desirable to further condense .With straight adapter extreme holes flasks are connected to the ¼ inch tube.

filter tap water of such a plan should be connected to the system tee.With regard to the filter material, which fills the bulb, it can be used in the most diverse.To protect the heating equipment from scum fit a carbon filter.

few important details

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the filter circuit water may vary depending on the installation location.For example, low productivity filters connected to the pumps in the well is not recommended.If this is done, their performance should be consistent with the performance of the downhole submersible pump.Only there it is possible to achieve effective and coordinated operation of the equipment.

If the water will flow by gravity, it is best to use a self-made multi-layered filter.The point is that fits crushed charcoal, then a thin layer of sand, coal and the like againBut we must understand that with each new layer of water permeability deteriorates to the point that it would barely drip.That is why any filter for cold water should be done wisely.


installing expensive filters from eminent companies in many cases, have no meaning.Of course, this does not mean that there is no sense of them.The point here is, rather, that there is nothing special.A standard filter element with only a few changes.If you have no desire to do something yourself and, most importantly, if you are not sure of the effectiveness of self-made filters, then it is better to buy it.But it is doubtful whether such a purchase, especially a high performance and a really good, will cost you cheap.In general, for giving or holiday home, you can make a homemade filter.Materials for him you will always find at hand.With this you'll definitely happy with the quality of water and its purity.But for this it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions.