Care of seedlings of pepper.

Planting and care of seedlings of sweet pepper - not too complex processes, but require some knowledge to get healthy and strong planting material.

Preparing seeds for planting pepper seedlings

pepper plant begin from February to mid-May.All depends on the place of growing seedlings.In a heated greenhouse, and on the sill of the seeds are sown in mid-February, and in the unheated greenhouse planting exercise is better in the middle of March.In seeds of sweet pepper through three years germination is lost, which is why their pre-sorted and removed damaged.To a strong and viable seedlings was pepper, preparation of seeds, the soil should be carried out in advance.

There are many ways to improve seed germination.First of all, the calibration is carried out, during which selected the largest and most high-quality seeds, which contain more nutrients stocks.To do this, they need to soak for a few minutes in a solution of sodium chloride, which is prepared by diluting 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water.All thoroughly mixed, and then defended.To use only settled planting seeds, which were washed with pure water and dried.

For disinfection and stimulating germination soaked seeds for 7 minutes in a warm 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or at 30 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate, which is prepared by dissolving 1 g of potassium permanganate per 100 ml of water at room temperature or in a formulation, for example "Ekosile. "

To improve germination can be just a couple of days to soak the seeds in warm water at a temperature from +25 to +30 degrees Celsius.It's enough capacity to lay a cheesecloth or filter paper, on top of which put the planting material soaked in water.Watch the constant moisture, the water should be slightly to the seeds do not rot.After they hatch, they should be a little dry, and immediately sow into cups or teplichku.

Some amateur gardeners are experimenting with hardening of seeds.It is necessary to further the seedlings has been adapted to changes in temperature.Germinated seeds are placed for 60 minutes in the fridge, then taken out and hold them at room temperature for 2 hours.Such manipulation is carried out 3 more times.

Choosing the soil and container seedlings

Proper care of pepper seedlings depends on the quality of the selected soil to be loose, absorbs moisture.For self-mixing, you can use a combination of light brown peat containing unmetabolized residues of plant, leaf, greenhouse, sod, soil, fine sawdust, coarse sand, perlite, compost, garden compost and vermicompost.The important point is the ban on the use of land from the area where previously grown plants of the nightshade family, to avoid the infection of seedling pathogens of tomato and pepper.After mixing it is necessary to carry out disinfection with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

There are various selections for the proportions of soil:

  1. ratio of 5: 1: 4 humus, peat, vegetable garden soil or sod.You can use a little bit of river sand.
  2. ratio of 1: 3: 1 sod land, peat and humus.To this mixture add the recommended fertilizers: superphosphate 10 g, 1 g of ammonium nitrate, potassium salt of 5 g per 1 kg of soil.

Good to grow seedlings in coconut substrate.Peppers, planting and care of the seedlings that are no different from taking care of the plants sown in normal soil mix will feel fine.

can add to the soil, the hydrogel, which will retain moisture better.For this purpose, beads, pre-swollen in water, is mixed with soil.If you use the dry granules, during swelling, they will displace soil from the tank.

For planting seedlings suitable small boxes, plastic cups or jars, a cell with a tray, peat tablets, pots with holes in the bottom.

very convenient option for seeding are peat tablets, from which it is easy to transfer the seedlings during transplanting or pricking.

Sowing seeds pepper seedlings

tanks filled with a mixture of earth, so that was 2 cm below the upper edge of the pot.When planting a seedling boxes do wooden stick grooves to a depth of 1 cm with a distance between the rows is 5 cm. The distance between the seeds in the furrow is 2 cm. After seeding sprinkle a small amount of land.

order not to waste time for the transplantation of young shoots, seeds introduced into cups or individual cells.

capacity seeded with seeds in the ground for a while, until the seedlings sprouted, put in a warm place near the battery cover with a thin polyethylene or glass to reduce evaporation.Every day you need to check the soil in the box to avoid peresyhaniya.Esli was performed pretreatment seeds of pepper, the first seedlings appear within a week. After that, clean the protective cover to avoid overheating and damage to the germs.

optimum temperature and lighting

Proper care of pepper seedlings is conducive to maintaining this culture temperature, which is from day 24 to 26 degrees Celsius and at night from 15 to 17 degrees Celsius.

pepper is very important sunlight, in contrast to the artificial lighting.Before planting the seedlings need to determine which window more light on it and should grow plants.Peppers grow best on the south side.

Additional lighting

But not always get enough natural light seedlings.Tomatoes, peppers require similar care, so in cloudy weather plants can be illuminated with fluorescent lamps.The distance from the top of the seedlings to the fixture should be at least 15 cm. Over time, the lamp must be lifted from the grown seedlings.The plant takes up to 20 hours of this artificial light.

A pick seedlings

Further care for the seedlings of pepper associated with the selection of the most powerful and large seedlings are seated on separate pots.This gives the plants more space for development and prepares them for later planting in open ground.

dive seedlings when they have grown by 2 small cotyledon leaves, it takes 2-3 weeks from planting the seeds.To carry out this manipulation of the earth, and watered after 2 hours removed sprouts, which then is cut by a third the main root.Each plant is planted in a separate pot or other container.


After sprouting the first three days are not moistened soil.Care of seedlings of pepper at this stage is timely watering, using a simple sprayer.With the advent of cotyledon leaves seedlings watered with a temperature around 30 degrees Celsius.

should not be too moisten the soil to excessive moisture loss is not provoked seedlings blackleg when the basal part of the stem rots.At the slightest sign of care for seedlings of peppers comes down to stop watering, then sprinkle with ground wood ashes or calcined sand.You also need regular airing to the soil time to dry out.

At the bottom of each pot or box should be opening for the outflow of excess moisture.

Fertilizing seedlings

for normal development should be fed pepper.Seedlings of care associated with fertilizer, requires at least 4 times.When two real leaves is carried out feeding the solution obtained by dissolving in 10 liters of warm water, 15 g of potassium salt, 10 g urea, 40 g of superphosphate.One liter is enough for a feeding of 10 seedlings.

second fertilization performed after 2 weeks, only the preparation of the solution was added 2 times more superphosphate.

For a better development of the root system of the seedling pour drug potassium humate, 25 ml of the agent is diluted in 10 liters of water.6 When the leaves during budding spend microelement fertilizer, which consists of copper, iron sulfate, orthoboric acid, manganese sulfate, zinc.

important not to grow seedlings and in time it landed in open ground.