How long to retain tulips in a vase: how to extend the life of flowers in a bouquet

One of the first flowers that appear with the arrival of spring - it is the tulips.Scarlet, yellow, white, burgundy - they admire its elegance and colorful, uplifting, cause a feeling of joy and happiness.

Tulips - personification of tenderness

no coincidence that on March 8 shelves of flower shops are filled by these beautiful flowers - the personification of gentleness, femininity and spring.

accepted that tulips bring good luck to the house.Bouquet of these elegant flowers fills the atmosphere of the house with positive energy, the feeling of sunlight and heat.Wants them as long as possible fresh and beautiful.That is why the question arises as to how long to retain tulips in a vase.The answer is quite simple.There are some secrets, with which you can extend the life of tulips that are long enough pleased with its beauty.

Preparation before placing flowers in the vase

Before you put a bouquet in a vase, remove the lower leaves of tulips.This precaution is necessary to ensure that water does not spoil prematurely.Then, tightly wrapping paper every flower, put a bouquet in a cool place for 2 hours.As a result, long stems will not be bent.

vase What to choose?

important point is how to keep longer tulips in a vase, is the choice of the vase.It should be the average height and width, preferably ceramic, with smooth edges.Since the leaves of tulips gentle enough, the sharp edges of vases may hurt them, which will lead to a rapid fading of colors.That's why, if you have only glass vases, should wrap the edges with a soft cloth.

How long to retain tulips in a vase

on the size of the time interval during which these spring flowers in a bouquet retain their decorative appearance is affected by several factors.To understand how long to retain tulips in a vase with water, you should know some of the secrets relating to the status of water.It must be very cold, close to the ice.Therefore the water with flowers during the day are periodically necessary to add ice cubes.Besides, the water must be continuously refreshed.To this should be put into the water an antiseptic.This can be a tablet of aspirin, a few crystals of manganese, a teaspoon of vinegar or a piece of charcoal.

water in the vase should be updated every day.The vase should be well washed, filled with fresh water, again adding antiseptics, and only then put in her tulips.And they should be shortened every time the stems under water and holding your fingers the cut, quickly transfer into a vase.

For those who want to know how long to keep the tulips in a vase, will be useful information that tulips - "sweet tooth."If you add two teaspoons of sugar to one and a half liters of water, then it will be enough to flower felt fine.

Features storage flowers in a vase

Tulips - very delicate flowers.That's why a vase with a bouquet should be placed away from sources of heat, preferably in a cool place without drafts and direct sunlight directed.

tulips To feel comfortable, you have to very carefully choose their neighbors.They did not get along in the company of such flowers as daffodils, roses, carnations and lilies.Experienced florists know how long to maintain the tulips.The vase was added thereto sprigs of juniper, arborvitae or cypress.Not only that, their dark greens very well set off the colorful tulips, it still provides them with a favorable environment.This bouquet will stay much longer.

can not have a vase of tulips next to the fruit.Recent emit ethylene gas.Inhaling its flowers quickly fade.

already knowing how to keep the cut tulips in a vase, many rush to throw them away when they see that the colors are a bit faded.It is not worth doing.They can still for a while to give the original look.You just need a little trim the stems, then wrap them with a damp paper by pulling with the rubber bands and put in warm water.The water should cover the tulips up to the buds.After the flowers in such a state will spend about three hours, they will be fresh again.

Those who grows tulips in its garden plot should be aware that the correct cut-off function and storage of flowers - is the key to beautiful and long fading bouquet.

How to keep cut tulips

Cut should be only those plants which collected buds color and slightly blossomed.Best time cutting - early morning, when the flowers and stems accumulate the most moisture.This will allow longer stand tulips in a vase.

In case after cutting the flowers did not immediately put in a vase, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules as to how to keep cut tulips.To make them last longer then stood in a vase, it is necessary for some time to slow down their vital functions.For this, they are placed in a sufficiently cool place.Moreover, storage can be both wet and dry.In wet tulips put in a container in which the water temperature should not be higher than 4-5 degrees.When dry - cut flowers kept in a refrigerator, packed in a certain way: each stem is wrapped with a damp paper and carefully put in a cardboard box, previously missed paraffin.After such storage flowers carefully removed from the packaging, give slightly warm up at room temperature, the tips are cut and only then put into water.

Now, learn how long to retain tulips in a vase, you can easily decorate your house these wonderful flowers, plunging into the wonderful atmosphere of spring warmth and updates.