How to find a girl who will not change

According to the Chinese people's wisdom, a woman should be not only the guardian of the hearth in the house, but not, under any circumstances, even with the threat of murder, not to change her husband.It sounds nice, does not it?The reality is much more complicated.First, today it is difficult to find a real hostess, and secondly, even more difficult to keep track of her loyalty to her husband.

So how is the case with the search for better half?In short, there are still a girl from fairy tales: Cinderella, Snow White, Princess, although there are also women-Yozhka witches.Every man has his own destiny ugotovlena even maybe Baba ezhka in the form of Cinderella.It could be as lucky.How to find a good girl, a smart, hard-working, but still do not walk?Are you sure you found?Do not jump to conclusions, because a beautiful half may mislead you.And here's why.

known fact - people met, fell in love and tied the knot.And everything would be fine if it were not for the betrayal of the family.According to statistics, 86% of the change falls on the side of his wife, and 50% changed - her husband because of problems with his wife.And here the man once said to his beloved: "When we met, you were such a sweet and gentle, you swore to me eternal love, had promised that he would never change ... And what happened to your promise?".This raises another question from the strong half of humanity: "how to find a girl who will not change?".

To solve this problem, there are several proven ways of life.So, where to find a girl who will keep you faithful?Not only in the clubs, it is very rare to find such a highlight on the pages of internet dating or in a cafe.Most often, Woman, in whose veins flows the "right blood" that dare not allow to approach to him no one but his favorite one guy can be found in libraries in the country and with little income.And I will explain why.Girls who give attention to science and spend time at the library, smart enough and aware of any later change.Even if you change once you about this I will never know.Girl with villages and low-income countries, considered to be very modest, which is shy to do each step.The main thing that you have indicated their half, that, first of all, most in her, her loyalty and devotion.Say betrayal - it's a step into the abyss, which tightens and corrupts people.So you will be able to win over the girl.

If you do not want to meet a girl from the provinces and not too smart, you should carefully check for the possibility of betrayal.Met with your favorite 3 months and arrange her test.Let it be a party.Popristavat persuaded his friend to her, but with a competent approach.Let him tell you - not for her, and it - it is a real opportunity to be happy in every respect of the word.Let each week even give her flowers, compliments.Try to pick up for the role of a cute your friend.If a girl is not completely in love with you, she would not stand in front of such attentions.If she is inclined to choose your friend, it means that from a girl should be run as far as possible.This is not your happiness.

The question is how to find the girl will refund you require close attention.If you meet favorite and want to marry her, offer to start a life together without registration in the passport.Just be very careful, do not start until children.Recommended live together civil marriage at least a year.What gives?You can learn about your partner a lot in everyday life.Civil marriage will help you answer the question of how to find a girl for a long life together.Only it is not necessary to request the friends' help to find a good girl. "Let everyone know that you can do the search yourself, and any help you do not need.And, most importantly, your girlfriend, you will feel the heart and soul, but not a physiological need.