Purple cortinarius - mushroom with exotic color

Purple cortinarius - mushroom is a rare and very interesting.Its color is very unusual.Thanks to this macromycetes and has the name (Cortinarius violaceus).Cortinarius - fungus, which is popularly called pribolotnikom because it can often be found far away from the marshes.In Belarus, it is called the fat girl.Connoisseurs consider this macromycetes delicacy.Cortinarius edible mushrooms.They have average taste, but they can marinate, salt, stew, fry, and also used for cooking other dishes.However, try this mushroom brought less frequently due to the fact that it is very rare.


cortinarius - a fungus that has a radially-fiber cushion melkocheshuychatuyu hat-convex shape.Its maximum diameter - 15 cm. The edges of the cap can be either folded down or just left out.Maturity it becomes more flat.The hat has a dark purple color and a soft, thick, bluish flesh with faint smell of cedar wood.Over time, it often fades to almost white color.The flesh has a nutty flavor.The plates have macromycetes deep purple color, but over time they may appear plaque rusty-brown hue.They are rare, descending on foot.Spores warty, elliptical, oblique.The powder of rust-brown.Macromycetes has a dense dark purple leg.At its base there tuberous thickening.On the leg there are traces of silken veils.It can reach a diameter of 2 cm and a height of 16 cm. Mushroom Cortinarius violaceus has a fairly exotic and colorful appearance.Photo it presented in this article.


cortinarius - a fungus that can grow in small groups, but usually, it settles alone.Due to the fact that the purple pribolotnik has a fairly low yield and fruiting is irregular, it brought in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.This macromycetes can grow only under strictly defined weather and climatic conditions.It is mycorrhizal.In purple cortinarius marked symbiotic relationship with various species of trees both deciduous and coniferous (birch, beech, pine, oak, fir, hornbeam).Therefore pribolotnik can be found in the forests of almost all types, but most often it occurs in birch.Cortinarius - fungus, which bears fruit in the period from August to October.Macromycetes prefers to settle on acid humus soil.It can also be found on the mossy substrates near the sphagnum bogs.This macromycetes found in European countries, in Russia, in New Guinea and North America.


on other species cortinarius this fungus rarely similar.But there are exceptions.It can be confused with goat cortinarius which is inedible, but health is not dangerous.This fungus can be found in the forests of pine and type in the foothills.It has a strong and sharp odor.More fat lady appearance is sometimes reminiscent of camphor cortinarius inedible.At the young age of the fungus can also be confused with purple blewits (edible).